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Fucking April

Remember Bina? Well, we had Sex, more than once. We had a threesome with my boyfriend. I could not believe it. It was so hot to suck his balls and then lick her tribal strip ( .... now think what a tribal strip is ... read one of my first posts of Bina). Now every ONS we have, we fuck together, my boyfriend just fuck whoever is next to him. We fool around before I go to work and when we come back. She is such a cool fuck and what a body .... welcome to April Fools' Day.

Beat the model!

Believe it or not ... I again escaped winter. I convinced my dear boyfriend to go to holiday with me. We are at the end of the second week on a beautiful lonely beach (how I like them). Before our holiday, I was so busy, flying to London, coming back to Munich, organizing christmas, doing this and that. Life is exciting. London is cooooooool. And my heart and pussy are so happy right now. Maybe you do not want to hear, but I really enjoy to have found someone. My predecessor ... the russian model whore .... she tried to steal him back ... but he stayed with me! I outbeated a damn model.

Some details you may be interested: Yes, I still fool around. Yes, still with some of my old friends. Yes, I will stay in Munich. At least for now. Bina. Oh my goodness. That story I will tell you another time. Stay tuned. Sorry for late writing