Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Last week I was in Oslo. I was there for a customer meeting and additionally a training. Well, that was fun. The training was ridicolous. It was boring, not good, and a total waste of time.

At the evening I met one of the guys from the Training at the hotel's bar. It was so fun and after two cocktails I told him to meet me in the Spa. I have to add here: This guy was a married American. In Oslo. And I think he did realize that Saunas are different around the world when he saw me naked in the relaxing area. Well, that was hell of a fun ;)

Kisses from Berlin


Anonymous said...

Was 'freaking out the American" the most fun, or did the two of you get to spend some more quality time together?

Josephine Chirac said...

no comment ;)