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The luck is with me

I found a guy for my life. Finally. I was introduced to  him by the couple which I was escorting a while ago. He is a German business guy who works in London. He is 35 years old, handsome, tall, and has a great sense of humor. He is rich (;-)) and was just divorced from a Russian model. He is too perfect. And when it comes to the sack it is even better. His cock is the most beautiful I can remember (at least that is my current opinion), he is well equipped (having the 20cm x 6cm I always love to have) and is a  totally amazing fuck. We are together now for three weekend and most of the time we not spent in restaurant we are in my bed. And that is how it should be. We already have done the talk about our sexual freedoms. We agreed that we have the liberty to meet other people for sexual fun (he has an affair in London and you should know me by now). I just require him to always wear a condom with other girls. We will do an HIV test so we can get rid of the plastic soon. I am really


Last week I was in Oslo. I was there for a customer meeting and additionally a training. Well, that was fun. The training was ridicolous. It was boring, not good, and a total waste of time. At the evening I met one of the guys from the Training at the hotel's bar. It was so fun and after two cocktails I told him to meet me in the Spa. I have to add here: This guy was a married American. In Oslo. And I think he did realize that Saunas are different around the world when he saw me naked in the relaxing area. Well, that was hell of a fun ;) Kisses from Berlin