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A little theory

I love blowjobs. That is no secret. I love them even when I just give them and masturbate while doing it. It never came to my mind that this is strange. A while ago I met a girl in the airplane. She was 23 and we sat next to each other in business class. After a while we found out that sex was a nice chatting topic and so we had a 14 hour sex chat marathon. It was cool, we whispered and giggled the whole time. And one topic was that we share the idea that giving head without getting anything in return from the guys is okay. And she had a theory which I totally support.
Good Sex = Intimicy + Orgasm.
Orgasm: For good sex you need to have the finishing end .... and the whole preparation for it. But that I knew before. Intimicy: Having a cock in mouth is something very intimate for me. I enjoy it. I also enjoy being naked in front of others. I also enjoy having a cock penetrated in me. I also enjoy seeing other people while sex.
I enjoy that  this intimicy is broken. The more brutal the bette…