Friday, February 25, 2011

Telling you a little love story ;)

Well ... the other day Bina made her first party. That was an interesting crowd. Very alternative style but nevertheless a lot of very interesting and attractive people. I met a couple there. Two very attractive people, him 25 and her 20. He from the UK and her from the US. Well we made a lot of jokes and while his attention left soon, hers was totally focused on me. It was a nice chat with her. She was older in mind than I expected and we had a beautiful chat about life. But what I realized soon and what she maybe not even realized that moment: She wanted sex with me. All signs there, she touched me, she played with her hair, she stared at my tits and just had this face of total love. I knew it and made her life hell. Later when they left, i kissed her cheek goodbye and whispered into her ear to come over the next day.
And she came. And the first thing she did was giving me a kiss. And we had sex. And it was the best lesbian sex in years. And it was her second time with a woman ever.
It ended up that she told me that she is loving me. Well ... i am not that fast .... but I want to see her again. So we met again, and again, and again, and again, ... and it is really fun. She is good in bed, she is nice with people, she is happy about the world and gorgeous to me. And she is a hottie. She has C cups on a zero size jeans with a slim belly and a nice ass. And you know... on my question if she mind that I have sex with guys she answered: Can we also do threesomes?