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Escort Couple Update

A little update on the little escort in me: I am no longer get paid for sex.We stopped that. I have not fucked him for the last four month and their adopted baby is consuming all their time. It is fine for me. I have had a real good time with them, I had so much fun, they paid me a huge amount of money and it is time for me to finish that part of my life. They told me that they will definately take me to their holidays in the next years and I am still her best shopping advisor. So we will have a lot of contact.

A little teaser for you ;)

Remember my flat mate Bina. The girl who date guys and let them wait endless for a fuck or do not fuck at all. Well recently i discovered a nice thing about her. In the center of the night, i head the noise of her leaving the house. Like 3 something. Well I was curios and jumped into my pants and ran behind her. She was leaving the house during nights pretty often recently and comes back very fast. Anyway, I was taking the lift down in the hall and just started to leave the house to look for her when I saw the fresh snow outside. No footsteps. Well in the house there are only old people except this guy I mentioned before. Remember. Well I knew where to search: Downstairs in the wellness area. And there I found them. Her against a column and him fucking her from behind. Remember: This guy is maybe 20 or 21 and has a girlfriend other than Bina. And Bina knows from me.
I left them alone, unnoticed.
The next morning I told her at the breakfast table or better I asked her how the neighbour…