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The luck is with me

I found a guy for my life. Finally. I was introduced to  him by the couple which I was escorting a while ago. He is a German business guy who works in London. He is 35 years old, handsome, tall, and has a great sense of humor. He is rich (;-)) and was just divorced from a Russian model. He is too perfect.
And when it comes to the sack it is even better. His cock is the most beautiful I can remember (at least that is my current opinion), he is well equipped (having the 20cm x 6cm I always love to have) and is a  totally amazing fuck. We are together now for three weekend and most of the time we not spent in restaurant we are in my bed. And that is how it should be.
We already have done the talk about our sexual freedoms. We agreed that we have the liberty to meet other people for sexual fun (he has an affair in London and you should know me by now). I just require him to always wear a condom with other girls. We will do an HIV test so we can get rid of the plastic soon.

I am really loo…


Last week I was in Oslo. I was there for a customer meeting and additionally a training. Well, that was fun. The training was ridicolous. It was boring, not good, and a total waste of time.

At the evening I met one of the guys from the Training at the hotel's bar. It was so fun and after two cocktails I told him to meet me in the Spa. I have to add here: This guy was a married American. In Oslo. And I think he did realize that Saunas are different around the world when he saw me naked in the relaxing area. Well, that was hell of a fun ;)

Kisses from Berlin

My ass

Today I have to tell you two stories about my add and one about my piercings.

Maybe some of you remember. I earned once money with my ass. Literally! I did a modelling job with focus on my ass. On Friday the photographer called again and asked if I am still in business. But I declined. Modelling is a nice ego trip but too much work for too less income.
The second story with my ass happened on Monday. As it was a public holiday a group of friends and me went to the alps for a hike. On the way back the train was crowded and we had six places for seven people. I told the two single guys to let me sit in between or on their lap. It was funny and we made some fun about it. When you remember the last girl you had no sex with sitting on your lap. I told them that I do not care as long as they do not expect something. It was fun.

The piercing story is easy. I gave a party and I had to change my dress. And I forgot that someone could stand on my roof deck while me changing. When I came back he…

Skirt season is over for me

I was just biking to my work. In a skirt with 10C outside. Freaking cold. Anyway thanks for your nice words after my splitup with Miriam. I have not expected something else. She was nice but too complicated with her life. But next I try a man!

Is there any news? No Bina is still having fun with her boy. But something changed. She stopped seeing another guy and now they even watch movies together. I will ask him what is up with his girlfriend.

Another month happened

Miriam left me. Another girl who is not staying with me. She is back with her ex ... and obviously both have good sex. At least that is what she tells me ;).

Bina is now trying to find another guy. She is still splitting her legs for the boy of the house but now much more often. Now i can hear them every evening when he is not seeing his girl in her bedroom. He sounds like a hot fuck. I have to ask Bina if i can get him for a night ;).

Myself, I am happy. I had some pleasent business trips with some sexual intercourse. Nothing really to mentioned ... but cool.

btw:: I am really enjoying skirt season ;)


On Tuesday I was laying in the sun for four hours. In the afternoon. I was alone, I was tired and I started to sleep. When Bina woke me up, I was red. And since then, I only wear the most light summer dresses I have. Funny enough, the shadow protected my face and later my tits .... but below .... everything is burned.

A little theory

I love blowjobs. That is no secret. I love them even when I just give them and masturbate while doing it. It never came to my mind that this is strange. A while ago I met a girl in the airplane. She was 23 and we sat next to each other in business class. After a while we found out that sex was a nice chatting topic and so we had a 14 hour sex chat marathon. It was cool, we whispered and giggled the whole time. And one topic was that we share the idea that giving head without getting anything in return from the guys is okay. And she had a theory which I totally support.
Good Sex = Intimicy + Orgasm.
Orgasm: For good sex you need to have the finishing end .... and the whole preparation for it. But that I knew before. Intimicy: Having a cock in mouth is something very intimate for me. I enjoy it. I also enjoy being naked in front of others. I also enjoy having a cock penetrated in me. I also enjoy seeing other people while sex.
I enjoy that  this intimicy is broken. The more brutal the bette…

Miriam still standing

She is gorgeous ... she is struggling ... but she will make it. A lot happened recently.

I was introduced to her parents (an american manager and his wife working in Munich) which do not accept me very well. I had a talk with her father in private. He told me that he considered that as a temporary thing and while accepting bisexuality and our age difference (ten years) he nevertheless dislike it. That front will take time.

I introduced her to Cerapho's cock. I blindfolded her and we had a threesome with a surprise cock ;). I fucked her with a strapon first and suddenly we exchanged it for real meat. That was fun.

Bina brought her fuckbuddy up into the flat ;) .... Miriam was so confused to see her with him and her wannabe boyfriend.


Miriam is cheating

Miriam did her ex boyfriend recently. She was so ashamed. She had not had a cock for a while .... so I was not astonished. She tried to quit to cocks .... but I do not think she will make it. But I let her in her dream and enjoy her struggling ;).

Bina has now something like a boyfriend.... but I think she is doing her sex game on him again ... not really sure ... but maybe ;)


Roof-deck nudism

Today was so warm so Bina and me decided to enjoy the sun. Miriam came later and without hesitation she dropped her clothes. What a fun. Three girls, naked and the glorios yellow sun. What a nice day.


I named her Miriam. We met like every day last week. She told me that she is planning to split up with her boyfriend. When I replied that she should not be that fast because I am not in love that easy.
I enjoy her attitude. She is a little exhibitionist and bored from her conservative boyfriend.

At the same time I am confused about my sexuality. I am no longer that nymphomanic as before. Still the most fun I have when I have sex with someone I have not had sex before but it is no longer that I require sex every single day. Miriam is fitting nice in that. She comes and drive me into adventures. Summer will be fun with her.

She will come in a few minutes ....

Telling you a little love story ;)

Well ... the other day Bina made her first party. That was an interesting crowd. Very alternative style but nevertheless a lot of very interesting and attractive people. I met a couple there. Two very attractive people, him 25 and her 20. He from the UK and her from the US. Well we made a lot of jokes and while his attention left soon, hers was totally focused on me. It was a nice chat with her. She was older in mind than I expected and we had a beautiful chat about life. But what I realized soon and what she maybe not even realized that moment: She wanted sex with me. All signs there, she touched me, she played with her hair, she stared at my tits and just had this face of total love. I knew it and made her life hell. Later when they left, i kissed her cheek goodbye and whispered into her ear to come over the next day.
And she came. And the first thing she did was giving me a kiss. And we had sex. And it was the best lesbian sex in years. And it was her second time with a woman ever.

Escort Couple Update

A little update on the little escort in me: I am no longer get paid for sex.We stopped that. I have not fucked him for the last four month and their adopted baby is consuming all their time. It is fine for me. I have had a real good time with them, I had so much fun, they paid me a huge amount of money and it is time for me to finish that part of my life. They told me that they will definately take me to their holidays in the next years and I am still her best shopping advisor. So we will have a lot of contact.

A little teaser for you ;)

Remember my flat mate Bina. The girl who date guys and let them wait endless for a fuck or do not fuck at all. Well recently i discovered a nice thing about her. In the center of the night, i head the noise of her leaving the house. Like 3 something. Well I was curios and jumped into my pants and ran behind her. She was leaving the house during nights pretty often recently and comes back very fast. Anyway, I was taking the lift down in the hall and just started to leave the house to look for her when I saw the fresh snow outside. No footsteps. Well in the house there are only old people except this guy I mentioned before. Remember. Well I knew where to search: Downstairs in the wellness area. And there I found them. Her against a column and him fucking her from behind. Remember: This guy is maybe 20 or 21 and has a girlfriend other than Bina. And Bina knows from me.
I left them alone, unnoticed.
The next morning I told her at the breakfast table or better I asked her how the neighbour…