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Okay ... Bina knows

Okay, yesterday night, Bina and I talked. She was not happy about having a blog about her life without her knowing her ... but she was actually very interested and happy with the blog overall. She read it completely, and said, now she understands me better. She also agreed and allowed me to continue writing about her and not at all requested me to change something. She consider this blog as a kind of art. Art ;). Pornography is the better term for lengthly parts ;). Anyway, I will continue writing, and Bina will read it from while to while.

And she liked the name I gave her ;)

Bina knows ...

Crap, crap, crap, .... Cerapho made a mistake. He mentioned my blog while Bina was around. Now she knows ... and will probably read it. She will be angry and will kill me. When this is the last blog ... you know what happened.

The fun of slapping

I was dancing last night. Someone passed by and grapped my ass. Well my dear readers ... you know I am not shy. When somebody rubs his body to mine or "accidently" touch me somewhere. I love to present my body and when somebody stares at it or want to get in touch with it ... I do not care. But yesterday, it was different. I was wearing a short dress, nothing below and this guy grapped my ass exactly at the line between the fabric and the skin. And guess what, his finger was like two or three centimeters away from my bare pussy.Well, that was not okay, so I turned to him and slapped him.
Well he ran away, but for me it was not yet over. I was suddenly excited. I am so amazed that this slap was that much fun.