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Showing posts from October, 2010

I am so ashamed

Yesterday I was sitting in an ICE train from Berlin to Munich. Well, I got horny, and around Frankfurt I started to call people. I called my five favourites, no one was available. I was really horny and started to be a little bit nervous, moving around on the chair, and suddenly the guy next to me asked me: "Are you looking for sex?" Well he was part of the reason why I was looking for sex: He was handsame and looked very experienced for his young age. My plain answer was a gulp and a "Yes".
What happened next, was a petting session for close of an hour. We pretended to be a couple, his jacket over our laps and in reality his hand deep between my legs. In Munich we fucked the whole night. I called my boss that I am sick today ;). He is now in the shower ;)

Bina little adventure

Bina had a one night stand yesterday and is very unhappy about it. She was drunk and fucked someone she never planned to ;)

Maybe she will learn one day that planning sex is the most stupid thing she can do ;)