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News from my last week

So far this week was ... interesting .... Interesting for you ;)

On Saturday and Sunday I was in an hotel in south france. I was there alone and wrote my test report ;) and had fun. After I checked in I was waiting at the elevator. A guy was waiting next to me, checking my breasts all the time. Something I like sometimes. And on saturday even a bit more ;). When we stood in the lift I said: "You enjoy my tits?" ... and I hoped so much for the right answer. "Yes" he said and that was the right answer. I said "Good" ... waited till the door opened for me and said: "5 minutes, you and a condom in my room". Well was fine sex. Later the night I meet a girl in the spa which was a personal assistant to a music group who also stayed here. What she told me about her group ... wow. She staid at my bed that night.

On tuesday I was on the Oktoberfest having a good time. This year after many years again my tits went out while I was dancing on a bench. What a…