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Okay okay

Bina is a big topic among you readers. Well, she is still with the guy. Still. After the last time she does not have sex with him. She told me that she wants to know if he is with her just for the sex or because of her. She teases him so cruelly. She is beautiful and let him watch her getting dressed but do not let him touch her. Sometimes when he waits for her and looks at me - and I know how a guy looks who wants into my pants - I am so much sorry for him. I mean a guy who can fuck a girl like her would not look at me. Bina told me that she will look for someone else soon. She does not like the steering of him when she changes. Bitch. Anyway, it will be a tough time to convince her of my style of being a girl ;)

The hotel job

Well the hotel job is really cool. It was a small hotel in switzerland for upper class people. The hotel was totally spa like and had about 50 guests. Very nice outlook from the hotel to the alps. Anyway, the hotel was fine and the people also.  Unfortunately, I could rate my room at night ... I was not there but with a couple ;)

Running Skirt

I bought last monday a running skirt and desperately wanted to try. Today I ran for the first time with it ... despite this horrible weather. Not bad ... but the weather was too bad to do it the real way ;). Except, that... tomorrow to sunday I will do my first hotel tester job. In a place in switzerland.