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Showing posts from July, 2010

I got an amazing job offer

I got a great job offer today. Luxurious Hotel Tester! I got the offer over the couple I occasionally meet. A friend of them is doing an internet platform for this specialized market. He said that if I accept i will have like one or two jobs a month, often just the weekend. And - as there are often couple hotels - I can take someone with me.

That is so cool. I just think about the fact, that my reguar job is not getting problematic due to that.

Binas Boy

Finally, Bina fucked him. She let him wait endless. Anyway, we talked at the breakfast table today and she is happy with him - regarding sex. I am looking forward how long she will stay with him or how she will torture him next ;)

Sunny days

You know what: Summer is there. And guess what else: Josephine enjoys it. Enjoys it a lot. All my spare time I am on my roof-deck and enjoy the last rays of the sun. Also right now ;).

Bina was shocked the first time (guess why) ... but now she lays next to me in a similar state of lazyness and beauty ;).