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Soccer Bet 2010

Okay, due to certain questions: The soccer bet of 2010. I bet with 3 guys:
For every goal germany receives, I will suck each of them one time.When germany wins the cup, each of them owns me a girl (not a whore).Okay, sound unfair and it is (Germany is not good enough in my opinion) but it is fun. And if they win, it will be such a fun to see them organizing a girl for me.

Hey alltogether

Well Bina is now dating a guy. Maybe she find someone for her. Let us see. With me nothing interesting happened. Some sex there some blowjobs here and a small soccer bet after I had a chat w/ someone ;)

Bina had sex

Bina was fucked a few days ago. She met him at a bar when she was out with me. Well it was a guy I fucked like five years ago and I was happy with. Anyway, they had sex and the next morning he told me or at least stopped right before ... that it was even better than with me ;) ... I am getting old. She just told me that she will not date him again and that he was lame. Wow. This girl is nearly a virgin but has a certain level ;)

Sorry !!

Sorry for the long delay. The blog is despite rumors not dead. But life is again a little bit busy. What happened. Let me write you the next days. I was on some trips and worked on the weekends for a project. Some co-worker messed it up. Anyway, With me nothing much happened but with Bina there are some news.

Hear from me the next days