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I am such a hussy

I learned a new english word right now: Hussy. In german: Luder. Anyway, a friend of mine asked me to go with him to a double date. Well, how he introduced me came out later: "She is a open minded hussy which likes to have sex and even threesomes." And I dressed up perfectly, did not wear underwear, acted sexy and otherwise also behaved like I usually do. And when the topic came up I somehow felt naked. I wanted to say something but I had not had any good arguments.

Later the night when I stripped naked in front of him he just looked at me with a knowing smile.

Good sex

Well I was with my escort couple in thailand. Beautiful. We met there by accident a swinger couple and what shall I say: This australian guy was really talented. I think I had the best sex in the last year. I have been nearly naked all day long on the beach, then going out in the evening ... half naked ... and then have really good sex afterwards with one of the couples. And I got my sex ;)

What a fuck.