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Showing posts from February, 2010

A little shock

My relationship thing is not working out so far. He still shows no interest in me except sex. We have done some spare time things together but still it is more to connect to sex sessions in a nice way.

Anyway. I shocked Bina today. I was walking around naked in the apartment and watched tv just in a too short shirt. Why? No idea. Just fit. Everything was warm and I enjoyed sitting in front of my balcony naked. She told me that she think this is a little bit crazy. Am I crazy?

The escort couple

I was asked if I still have sex with the couple as an escort. Actually yes. We are long beyond the point that we are acting like business. I often have sex with him during my lunch breaks and do shopping with her on saturdays. Sometimes ... and thats rarely we three have sex together. I still get money from them ... and that is not less money .. actually a second income ... but we lost track if I do my job or not. There have been a month where I fucked him only twice and another where we had sex 10 times ... I get the same money. I invite them for dinners and they invite me for parties like another guest. They have adopted a baby last year and now I sometimes even do babysitting.
I have to say: When they stop paying me, I would continue seeing them. They are friends now. By the way, we are flying to vacations end of this month.