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Flashing Tits

I do not know why .. but I flashed a pharmacist during his night shift. I bought pills for headache in an emergency pharmacist (here in Germany drugs are only sold in small individual shops which have an emergency service during night .. so only one in a city quarter is servicing through a little window ;)). And while he was bringing me back my change I openened my jacket and lifted my pullover ;). I think he liked the view.

A little Bina update .. somehow she has a little fan community among you: Her date went bad. She is currently a bit homesick and is not going out.

A little update

What shall I say: We fuck like rabbits.Close to every day. I even brought him two girls into my bed so we already had two threesomes. The stupid thing: We are not in a relationship. So far it is a sex only thing. He is a quite nice guy and is a good choice so far. But he never approached me with personal things and I think he does not see that I am interested in him. Every time he is visiting me I feel so good and so welcome but after sex and maybe a sleepover he is leaving and I am alone again.

As some of my readers demanded an update to Bina: She is dating someone but never with someone over night. Aside, that this pinup look I mentioned last month get more and more into her. She told me that she adores the look and trying to copy a bit of it. The result is that even if she is in sleepwear reading something in the living room she is having a perfect hair and style.

But there is hope

I wrote in my last blog that I hope that I will have a new relationship soon. And as I am not a girl who postpone her problems I started and check my former fucks. The fucks I liked sexually and which would be a good partner. The third I called is a single and was willing to have a date with me. His data? 29 years old, 192cm, six pack, and arms stronger than my legs. He is an engineer in a big car company here in Munich, he likes to go out and enjoys sex. He is very experienced in it and surely had a big share of women in his life. And his cock has a size which I really enjoy. A bit bigger.
So where is the catch: I think he is currently in a not relationship phase, and when he is in a relationship he will not like the idea of me fucking others. But I have a chance: He remembered me, and he told me that he loved my cocksucking and my body. And we had a good beginning: A beautiful four hour sex session.

Well New Year Promises

Did I made a new years promise: Yes. I promised that I try again to be in a relationship. That is a difficult thing: As you know I prefer them open. Not restricted to one sexual partner. The stupid problem: There are really less men who accept that .... and .... are good looking enough for me ;). Hard thing.

Anyway: Bina was not that stupid. She just promised that she will have sex this year. What a challange ;).