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First trip this weekend....

I will fly on friday morning to Jamaica. Business Class. No other tickets available. ;) I come back on early tuesday morning. The resort is a small hotel with 20 rooms. I am really looking forward if this is a good place.

Do or not to fuck a Jamaician? Interesting question right? I tend to not do it. I will tease them to dead but leave them alone with their cocks.

Nudist resorts

My boss at the hotel testing company asked me if I would test nudist resorts. Hell yes ;). Well, he asked me to test 5 locations in the carrebean sea during december. Tough schedule, but he misses data for his magazine in January.

Okay ... Bina knows

Okay, yesterday night, Bina and I talked. She was not happy about having a blog about her life without her knowing her ... but she was actually very interested and happy with the blog overall. She read it completely, and said, now she understands me better. She also agreed and allowed me to continue writing about her and not at all requested me to change something. She consider this blog as a kind of art. Art ;). Pornography is the better term for lengthly parts ;). Anyway, I will continue writing, and Bina will read it from while to while.

And she liked the name I gave her ;)

Bina knows ...

Crap, crap, crap, .... Cerapho made a mistake. He mentioned my blog while Bina was around. Now she knows ... and will probably read it. She will be angry and will kill me. When this is the last blog ... you know what happened.

The fun of slapping

I was dancing last night. Someone passed by and grapped my ass. Well my dear readers ... you know I am not shy. When somebody rubs his body to mine or "accidently" touch me somewhere. I love to present my body and when somebody stares at it or want to get in touch with it ... I do not care. But yesterday, it was different. I was wearing a short dress, nothing below and this guy grapped my ass exactly at the line between the fabric and the skin. And guess what, his finger was like two or three centimeters away from my bare pussy.Well, that was not okay, so I turned to him and slapped him.
Well he ran away, but for me it was not yet over. I was suddenly excited. I am so amazed that this slap was that much fun.

I am so ashamed

Yesterday I was sitting in an ICE train from Berlin to Munich. Well, I got horny, and around Frankfurt I started to call people. I called my five favourites, no one was available. I was really horny and started to be a little bit nervous, moving around on the chair, and suddenly the guy next to me asked me: "Are you looking for sex?" Well he was part of the reason why I was looking for sex: He was handsame and looked very experienced for his young age. My plain answer was a gulp and a "Yes".
What happened next, was a petting session for close of an hour. We pretended to be a couple, his jacket over our laps and in reality his hand deep between my legs. In Munich we fucked the whole night. I called my boss that I am sick today ;). He is now in the shower ;)

Bina little adventure

Bina had a one night stand yesterday and is very unhappy about it. She was drunk and fucked someone she never planned to ;)

Maybe she will learn one day that planning sex is the most stupid thing she can do ;)

News from my last week

So far this week was ... interesting .... Interesting for you ;)

On Saturday and Sunday I was in an hotel in south france. I was there alone and wrote my test report ;) and had fun. After I checked in I was waiting at the elevator. A guy was waiting next to me, checking my breasts all the time. Something I like sometimes. And on saturday even a bit more ;). When we stood in the lift I said: "You enjoy my tits?" ... and I hoped so much for the right answer. "Yes" he said and that was the right answer. I said "Good" ... waited till the door opened for me and said: "5 minutes, you and a condom in my room". Well was fine sex. Later the night I meet a girl in the spa which was a personal assistant to a music group who also stayed here. What she told me about her group ... wow. She staid at my bed that night.

On tuesday I was on the Oktoberfest having a good time. This year after many years again my tits went out while I was dancing on a bench. What a…

Okay okay

Bina is a big topic among you readers. Well, she is still with the guy. Still. After the last time she does not have sex with him. She told me that she wants to know if he is with her just for the sex or because of her. She teases him so cruelly. She is beautiful and let him watch her getting dressed but do not let him touch her. Sometimes when he waits for her and looks at me - and I know how a guy looks who wants into my pants - I am so much sorry for him. I mean a guy who can fuck a girl like her would not look at me. Bina told me that she will look for someone else soon. She does not like the steering of him when she changes. Bitch.

Anyway, it will be a tough time to convince her of my style of being a girl ;)

The hotel job

Well the hotel job is really cool. It was a small hotel in switzerland for upper class people. The hotel was totally spa like and had about 50 guests. Very nice outlook from the hotel to the alps. Anyway, the hotel was fine and the people also.  Unfortunately, I could rate my room at night ... I was not there but with a couple ;)

Running Skirt

I bought last monday a running skirt and desperately wanted to try. Today I ran for the first time with it ... despite this horrible weather. Not bad ... but the weather was too bad to do it the real way ;).

Except, that... tomorrow to sunday I will do my first hotel tester job. In a place in switzerland.

I got an amazing job offer

I got a great job offer today. Luxurious Hotel Tester! I got the offer over the couple I occasionally meet. A friend of them is doing an internet platform for this specialized market. He said that if I accept i will have like one or two jobs a month, often just the weekend. And - as there are often couple hotels - I can take someone with me.

That is so cool. I just think about the fact, that my reguar job is not getting problematic due to that.

Binas Boy

Finally, Bina fucked him. She let him wait endless. Anyway, we talked at the breakfast table today and she is happy with him - regarding sex. I am looking forward how long she will stay with him or how she will torture him next ;)

Sunny days

You know what: Summer is there. And guess what else: Josephine enjoys it. Enjoys it a lot. All my spare time I am on my roof-deck and enjoy the last rays of the sun. Also right now ;).

Bina was shocked the first time (guess why) ... but now she lays next to me in a similar state of lazyness and beauty ;).

Soccer Bet 2010

Okay, due to certain questions: The soccer bet of 2010. I bet with 3 guys:
For every goal germany receives, I will suck each of them one time.When germany wins the cup, each of them owns me a girl (not a whore).Okay, sound unfair and it is (Germany is not good enough in my opinion) but it is fun. And if they win, it will be such a fun to see them organizing a girl for me.

Hey alltogether

Well Bina is now dating a guy. Maybe she find someone for her. Let us see. With me nothing interesting happened. Some sex there some blowjobs here and a small soccer bet after I had a chat w/ someone ;)

Bina had sex

Bina was fucked a few days ago. She met him at a bar when she was out with me. Well it was a guy I fucked like five years ago and I was happy with. Anyway, they had sex and the next morning he told me or at least stopped right before ... that it was even better than with me ;) ... I am getting old. She just told me that she will not date him again and that he was lame. Wow. This girl is nearly a virgin but has a certain level ;)

Sorry !!

Sorry for the long delay. The blog is despite rumors not dead. But life is again a little bit busy. What happened. Let me write you the next days. I was on some trips and worked on the weekends for a project. Some co-worker messed it up. Anyway, With me nothing much happened but with Bina there are some news.

Hear from me the next days

Fathers day

Well I am horny. And I need sex.And I will go to the street and get me someone to fuck me. Today is a public holiday and everytime I wake up on one I have this demand. Crazy or

Funny news

You remember that my flat is next to a church and that the church blocks any view into my roof deck and my apartment. Well, obviously I forgot the tower. Today, the priest showed up and told me that I should install some curtains. Yesterday, he was with a group of people up in the tower and saw me naked in my bed. And now he complained. I said yes but I will not.

Me the exhibitionist

Recently Bina asked me if I will be in a relationship with a guy I am currently "meet" regulary. I told her that this is just a sex thing and on her shy question what makes him special I just show her a distance with my finger. She did not believe me so I asked her to watch us from the other side of the roof-deck from the library room. She should switch off the light and enjoy the show.
Well yesterday he showed up again and Bina was around. When we went to my room I smiled at her and she got it. I sucked him off and later let myself get fucked against the window. It was a huge show. But I think it was fun for all of us. He did not get it so ;)

I am such a hussy

I learned a new english word right now: Hussy. In german: Luder. Anyway, a friend of mine asked me to go with him to a double date. Well, how he introduced me came out later: "She is a open minded hussy which likes to have sex and even threesomes." And I dressed up perfectly, did not wear underwear, acted sexy and otherwise also behaved like I usually do. And when the topic came up I somehow felt naked. I wanted to say something but I had not had any good arguments.

Later the night when I stripped naked in front of him he just looked at me with a knowing smile.

Good sex

Well I was with my escort couple in thailand. Beautiful. We met there by accident a swinger couple and what shall I say: This australian guy was really talented. I think I had the best sex in the last year. I have been nearly naked all day long on the beach, then going out in the evening ... half naked ... and then have really good sex afterwards with one of the couples. And I got my sex ;)

What a fuck.

A little shock

My relationship thing is not working out so far. He still shows no interest in me except sex. We have done some spare time things together but still it is more to connect to sex sessions in a nice way.

Anyway. I shocked Bina today. I was walking around naked in the apartment and watched tv just in a too short shirt. Why? No idea. Just fit. Everything was warm and I enjoyed sitting in front of my balcony naked. She told me that she think this is a little bit crazy. Am I crazy?

The escort couple

I was asked if I still have sex with the couple as an escort. Actually yes. We are long beyond the point that we are acting like business. I often have sex with him during my lunch breaks and do shopping with her on saturdays. Sometimes ... and thats rarely we three have sex together. I still get money from them ... and that is not less money .. actually a second income ... but we lost track if I do my job or not. There have been a month where I fucked him only twice and another where we had sex 10 times ... I get the same money. I invite them for dinners and they invite me for parties like another guest. They have adopted a baby last year and now I sometimes even do babysitting.
I have to say: When they stop paying me, I would continue seeing them. They are friends now. By the way, we are flying to vacations end of this month.

Flashing Tits

I do not know why .. but I flashed a pharmacist during his night shift. I bought pills for headache in an emergency pharmacist (here in Germany drugs are only sold in small individual shops which have an emergency service during night .. so only one in a city quarter is servicing through a little window ;)). And while he was bringing me back my change I openened my jacket and lifted my pullover ;). I think he liked the view.

A little Bina update .. somehow she has a little fan community among you: Her date went bad. She is currently a bit homesick and is not going out.

A little update

What shall I say: We fuck like rabbits.Close to every day. I even brought him two girls into my bed so we already had two threesomes. The stupid thing: We are not in a relationship. So far it is a sex only thing. He is a quite nice guy and is a good choice so far. But he never approached me with personal things and I think he does not see that I am interested in him. Every time he is visiting me I feel so good and so welcome but after sex and maybe a sleepover he is leaving and I am alone again.

As some of my readers demanded an update to Bina: She is dating someone but never with someone over night. Aside, that this pinup look I mentioned last month get more and more into her. She told me that she adores the look and trying to copy a bit of it. The result is that even if she is in sleepwear reading something in the living room she is having a perfect hair and style.

But there is hope

I wrote in my last blog that I hope that I will have a new relationship soon. And as I am not a girl who postpone her problems I started and check my former fucks. The fucks I liked sexually and which would be a good partner. The third I called is a single and was willing to have a date with me. His data? 29 years old, 192cm, six pack, and arms stronger than my legs. He is an engineer in a big car company here in Munich, he likes to go out and enjoys sex. He is very experienced in it and surely had a big share of women in his life. And his cock has a size which I really enjoy. A bit bigger.
So where is the catch: I think he is currently in a not relationship phase, and when he is in a relationship he will not like the idea of me fucking others. But I have a chance: He remembered me, and he told me that he loved my cocksucking and my body. And we had a good beginning: A beautiful four hour sex session.

Well New Year Promises

Did I made a new years promise: Yes. I promised that I try again to be in a relationship. That is a difficult thing: As you know I prefer them open. Not restricted to one sexual partner. The stupid problem: There are really less men who accept that .... and .... are good looking enough for me ;). Hard thing.

Anyway: Bina was not that stupid. She just promised that she will have sex this year. What a challange ;).