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Bina the Pinup

Incredible, today Bina dressed up as a pinup. What style was suddenly in her? Her lips red, wearing all day long a white dress, wearing nice shoes, her hair combed and a flower in her hair. Beautiful. I think she likes to dress up for people. Three friends of her are here now.
Anyway, I will see what happens next with her. Yesterday she told me, that she had not fucked for over half a year. I asked her about the first night. She told me, that she had not had sex with him.

What is going on (in the state of denmark)?

Bina, Bina, Bina

Bina is a bitch. Yesterday a punk like guy slept the night at her place. At lunch she told me that she has not slept with him despite he wanted to. I asked her why she is so cruel to him but she just said that she liked his body but had no interest in sex with him.

Sometimes I think I made my life more easy for me and others.


Yesterday, I was in the sauna. Alone. I was not very shy and played a little bit with my clit when suddenly there was a noise from the door to the wellness room. So I shot up, sat myself upright and smiled. Well, an young guy came in. Maybe 20 years old. Not much younger, maybe older. So I said "Hi" and we started to chat. He is really nice. He is living two floors below my bedroom with his parents, he has a girlfriend and he is in a nice shape.

Well, when you have read my blog you know that I am not the girl who keeps her legs closed in the sauna. So he saw my tits, the clit, the clit ring and if he has a little experience also that I freshly masturbated. Well, I think we both enjoyed it. Well later I swam some rounds and asked him to lift me out of water. I teased him lot. I was naked and he already wore his swimwear. I let my tit touch his skin and left the wellness area after I dried myself. I had so much fun laughing about it afterwards.

I think one day, this guy will hav…

Something Nasty for you

Some news from Bina: Well, I saw her naked for the first time: What shall I say: Not only five piercings but at least 8 (both breasts and at least one at her pussy). And the most juicy thing: A tattoo on her pubis as an replacement for a pubic hair strip. It is a tribal, two centimeter width and maybe ten in length. As an replacement for her strip. What a genious idea.