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A little Update - Weekend War

Well, what shall I say: She is not as bad as I thought. She is actually quite okay. I had to clean after her and accept that her music is not mine but except that: A kid of my family. She slept her first night here from friday to saturday. And to be exact: Not alone and very late. I wanted to invite her for dinner on friday but she rejected and went for party. She kicked him out when I was cooking my lunch on saturday. She smiled at me like she was challanging me. Poor girl. But I was accepting (sorry). On sunday morning she was alone but I had a threesome with my fuck buddy pair. That was so funny when she saw me coming out with one guy and sit down for lunch and then flushing her face when she saw the second guy walking in. When I got the milk I went to her ear and whispered: "Do not play that game with me". I think she accepted that she lost that battle. Anyway, except that little fight we had a nice weekend. On sunday I showed her a little bit around and for dinner we me

Bina's new room

What shall I say: She moved in. Two big luggagues and nothing more. No furniture at all. We went to IKEA with her father and bought her a bed and a closet. Unfortunately, we had to put it in front of a book rack in the former pool room. Anyway, I am in a hurry, will tell more soon.


She will move in on thursday. As she moved here from Israel and I need a name here in the blog ... let us call her Bina. Well I met her yesterday and we both agreed that this is just an intermediate solution. Okay, at least we agreed on one thing. And my great-aunt will sent me some money for food and for the living costs. Money, people always think money is necessary. I want freedom. We met after work and hell, she just stood up. She partied whole night from sunday to monday morning. That will be horrible. I love to sleep (at least during the week).

I have a new flatmate

What shall I say: I have a new flatmate despite I did not searched for one. She is a great cousin of mine who lifed in Israel for the last 4 years. Her father is a guy from the diplomatic service (but not the german one). She is 19 years old and heading for the university. Why she moved into my place: Her parents move to another country and she wanted to study. And her mother was thinking we fit together. And as unfortunately, they talked with my uncle before ... well ... you can count things together. She will move in next weekend. I have seen her the last time when she was 13. That girl changed. I can vividly remember myself how I tickled her when she was 9 and still a nice girl. But that changed. She is a blond girl, the skin very dark, her body shape ultra thin (my great aunt told me that I have to watch for her) and a face, well, adorable. Unfortunately, she is also a rebel. She has a nose, a lip, an eyebrow, a belly button and another piercing on her chest, has a tattoo on her s

Like a virgin

Well not exactly right, but I felt like one. I had a ONS with a 25yo and I afterwards I stood naked in front a mirror and inspected myself. I was a little unconfident about my body as his was a well-trained dream. He came behind me and said: You are sexy (well telling me that I am sexy is something I always get weak). I asked him why and then he said that he never slept with a girl more perfect than me. Well after that I fucked him another time. You think he lie to me. No I do not think so. I have seen two of the girls he had sex with before. Very beautiful girls. And he rejected one of them while we met. Anyway, sorry for not writing for a while, I have been busy in the world. Kisses