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Showing posts from October, 2009

Found the sauna

It is funny: I found the sauna. My uncle told me there is one deep in the cellar but now I found it. The second floor below earth. Very rare for a normal living house. It is a great wellness room. The pool is about 10 meter in square and the sauna is builtin the wall. Not such a standard wood thing. Luckily we have a lift here. Fifth floor to the second basement is quite a distance. Oh, and i deflowered the pool table.

Fuck New York

Everytime I go to New York for business I extend my stays for the weekend. For sexual purposes. I love to fuck in New York. I like this city and I have a friend there who give me valueable tipps where to go. And it is funny: Clubs are everywhere the same in the world. Look like you have a degree but still be beautiful, wear only a dress and shoes and you are in, everywhere. Did that for four times now. Always wonderful two days.