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My new Home

Wow .. I have not posted for close to a month. I am sorry my dear readers. It was a stressful month. I was in 3 cities around the world and took a week of to move.

Regarding my new flat. Well, a was lucky again. An uncle of mine was moving to a nursing home and he was offering his flat to all his nieces and nephews to buy it. He made a really good price and the money was later split among my cousins. I took my money I earned with my pussy the last year and some saved money so I could afford it. It is a real jewel and I am lucky that my uncle preffered me over another cousin of mine. But he already has a house on his own.
Well to tell something about my uncle. He was and still is a playboy. For the last ten or maybe even some more years he made always compliments in my direction, how good I look and how nice I behave. He always hinted me to enjoy my life but I never told him how much I actually did.

Anyway, let me describe you the apartment: It is basically a completed attic with a cut of roof deck. The whole building is lengthly. In one side there is the master bedroom and the bathroom, on the other side there is a billiard room and a library (yes ... he is a playboy). In the center there is a huge combined kitchen, living, eating and working zone. Surely around 10 meters in square. The roof deck can be entered from the library, the living room and the bedroom. The roof deck is at the height of the attic of the curch so nobody can actually look into the roof deck or the rooms. Which is really cool. The whole building was renovated recently so the roof deck is totally new. The floor is of wooden with shingles below and in the corner between the living room and the bedroom a big plant stands there. Like my recent apartment the whole wall between the roof deck and the inside is actually glass. Wooden inner jalousies are the only thing to hide the view. One big thing you also have to know: The interiour is included and my uncle asked me to keep it for a while. Well ... it is very much men style. Dark wood, painted pictures of women, black leather sofa, and a stone floor everywhere. Let me describe some details: The library is practically everwhere. Every wall which is not angled has a rack with old books in it. In the bedroom an really modern canopy bed is the center of the room and the closets are really huge. Like that. The bathroom has an open shower and the tub is actually below a big roof window. Everthing there what a girl needs. The pool room (billiard) is very boring. Just a table and a small bar .. and books. It is a very lightful room. The library ... well nothing than books and a fireplace. Guess what is in front of the fireplace: A big brown fur. Except that, two armchairs and lamp. The living room is basically a couch combination with a table between, a big wooden eating table and a smal corner with an office table. The kitchen part is basically a corner with small marmor working platform to seperate it from the room.

I love this place. The move was really easy and I nearly does not need any furniture at all. My old flat was very empty so I only had to put my bed and my couch to a storage. Within the flat I removed some ugly pictures with my pictures (you know them), replaced the matrace and go rid of the most ugly decorations. And after I had sex on the billiard table I think I will change this room to a sport room.

My uncle came and inspected it. H liked the changes a lot and when I told him that the naked ladies are now pictures of me .. well .. I saw a smile in his face I never saw before. He was very happy seeing his old home like that. I have to talk to him some time in future. Among all this books a lot of other thing is. Cerapho found for example an up-to-date playboy collection, I found a photo album of hundred of naked women all photographed within the flat and in a shelf I found a whip. This will be interesting in here.

Hope to hear from you my dear fans.


brian said…
When are you going to invite us over for a party? Sounds like a big place, you must get lonely. :-p

Just kidding, but that's awesome.
Anonymous said…
Bang that gong, Josephine! Get it on, bang a gong.
Anonymous said…
seems like you are doing something right in the eyes of someone ;-).

Congratulations on the enw home! Hope it suits you!

PS missed your presence ;-), welcome back
Anonymous said…
Good luck with your new house, sounds great!
I am dropping by your blog from time to time, and find it both intellectually and sexually stimulating, gets my mind working.


From Norway
brian said…
Did you hear about this?:

Do you agree??
Josphine said…
brian . let me comment your link: Half of the list is bullshit ;)
Josphine said…
keurzy: In the eyes of someone? God or my Uncle ;)
Anonymous said…
god, your uncle, a higher power, yourself... does it matter ;-)?

Just enjoy it hahaha :-D


PS would love to get invited to that party :-p
Josphine said…
no it does not ;)

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