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My new Home

Wow .. I have not posted for close to a month. I am sorry my dear readers. It was a stressful month. I was in 3 cities around the world and took a week of to move. Regarding my new flat. Well, a was lucky again. An uncle of mine was moving to a nursing home and he was offering his flat to all his nieces and nephews to buy it. He made a really good price and the money was later split among my cousins. I took my money I earned with my pussy the last year and some saved money so I could afford it. It is a real jewel and I am lucky that my uncle preffered me over another cousin of mine. But he already has a house on his own. Well to tell something about my uncle. He was and still is a playboy. For the last ten or maybe even some more years he made always compliments in my direction, how good I look and how nice I behave. He always hinted me to enjoy my life but I never told him how much I actually did. Anyway, let me describe you the apartment: It is basically a completed attic with a c