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Model shoot

A few days ago I got a call from a friend of mine, a guy from a model agency. I once had an ONS with him so I expected that he asks for sex but he did not. He asked me to do a model shoot. I know that I am not ugly but I am not model material. So I asked him why. Well he said he liked a very special part of my body. Well I accepted, just for fun, as I have done before and during the photoshoot I understood why.

The shooting was a bikini shot where on the picture is just my ass, the bikini bottom and my tighs. From the back. Well you think: Okay nothing special but you miss one thing. They have been interesting in the gap between my legs. Well my pelvis is somehow formed so that my legs are seperated from each other with noticeable space between them. When I sit down and press my knees together (not crossing them) I can look between them on the chair. Many guys like that a lot (got lots of compliments) and so did the photographer.

So I am a body part model from now on. Just kidding. Sure…

Dirndl & Flights

Soon it is september and the Oktoberfest is once again ahead. I picked my Schlampendirndl out and cleaned it. I am so proud of this piece of leather ;). And always the question: What to wear below the skirt. Somebody will see ... so ... a nice white one ... or a sexy black see through?

We will see.

I have been in NYC again. I hate these flights. Nothing todo and ugly sitting neighbors.


Virginity is for most guys a real problem. From a certain moment on it is difficult to get rid of it. It is so easy to feel when a guy is a virgin. On earlier times I had not care but today I am an old lady ;-) and I want to have great sex when I have sex. Why I tell you this? I fucked a virgin the day before yesterday. A 23 year old virgin. And it was good sex.

It was Cerapho who brought me this youngster. He introduced me and told me that he has a package in his trousers. I felt immediately that he is a virgin but I trust Cerapho in the choice of my sex partners. What he had selected for me was always good sex later. When I later got naked and I saw what happened below his boxers I was once again astonished how such guys stay virgins. Well when I pulled down the boxers I really saw size. I measured it (he did not know .. ): 23cm erected length and a width of 6cm. Alone thinking of that makes me hot.

Anyway, it was great. Not the sex rythm but how your body rocks on that thing.