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One afternoon stand

Today, during lunch break i picked up a guy. We shared a table at a overcrowded cafe in the Munich city center and we had a nice chat. He got that I am single and asked me why I answered him honestly that my lifestyle is to fuck around. Well, one hour later he shot a portion of sperm into my mouth. Afterwards I left him (we did it at his place) and I went to the english garden and enjoyed the sun for a while. Well, believe me or not, I waited for another guy to ask me for sex. I do not know why I am that horny, maybe the sun on the naked skin, maybe the early fuck, maybe just the summer. Well I dont know but I looked around. But no one was looking after me except the normal 50yo voyeurs


brian said…
Do girls actually like the taste of sperm? Or do they really just enjoy the act of swallowing it? Like if you were thirsty, you wouldn't go to the fridge hoping for something that tasted like sperm, right? Or would you?

And, were you naked in this English Garden??
BJ said…
Seems like I picked the wrong cafe yesterday morning - too bad!
Anyways the Munich Yacht Club Party was fun - did you go? Lots of beautiful boys and girls and quite a nice event for a pick up - way less snobby than I expected!

Anyways, thanks for posting, it's fun to read these stories from "your own" city!


Josphine said…
regarding sucking: Yeah ... I like the taste of most guys, yeah I like the act how i get it, I like when he cum into my mouth, and finally I like the dirty act to swallow it.

And yes ;-)
Josphine said…
you are welcome bj.

ps: Wont be at any yacht club party
brian said…
Wait... So, do people normally get naked in this garden?? If so, I really need to get myself to Germany.
Anonymous said…
Isnt that lovely haha such a free spirit, i wish more girls are openly free about their sexuality haha or maybe the are and i just dont see it.... (need better glasses then).

Besides that... whats wrong with 50yo voyeurs? If they are still fit?

Idont mind fun with a fit 50yo woman (31 myself).
Josphine said…
brian ... getting nude for sunning or swimming (also known as fkk) is not very uncommon in Germany and many other parts in Europe. The "English Garden" in Munich is similar to the central park in NYC but there is a section where people are sunning themselves naked. But, as it is that cental, you will not often see girls like me there as there are even tourists from asia go there with their cameras.
Anonymous said…
Thats nice about germany.
FKK is popular here in the netherlands too, but only allowed on certain area's (often beaches at lakes or the sea).

There is also sometimes nude swimming during hours in public swimming pools.

At last in the spa's and sauna's nudity is obligated for hygenic purposes.

Sexual activity you will find at the beaches (though the mayority gay ariented) and not in the sauna's as management is often very strict about that.

Never been witness of public FKK in Germany though :-), i like the fact that it is allowed.
Josphine said…
even exhibitionism is not forbidden ... for ladies if no kids are around. Not kidding. A special rules because of baby feeding.

Aside that, germany is like the netherlands, just that it is more common i think.
Anonymous said…
haha our countries are a lot alike indeed. Though exhibitionism is forbidden here (like said except on certain designated areas).

Breastfeeding in think is allowed, though i wouldnt know ;-).

Interesting to see that although us Dutchies are known for our liberal lifestyle, you Germans actually do it :-D. Good for you.

I'll just have to go to the sauna's / spas for my dose of real life naked girls ;-).
Though be carefull not to get too hard....

Curious to hear what you'll choose to share with you next.

brian said…
I think that's something stupid about the US. People here get all bent out of shape about sexual things and nudity in our tv, movies and just generally in life. But we have so much violence that no one bats an eye anymore... It's one reason I like Europe a bit more, since you guys seem to have it the other way around.

That is pretty lame about the tourists with cameras though.

What do you mean that exhibitionism is allowed? Are there any places in Germany that you can't be naked?? :-p

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