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A little scar

I think there will be a little scar leftover when my injury is totally healed. I look at it every morning hope for a fast healing. I took some days off and relax a bit. And I unpacked my baseball bat I had already put in the cellar long time ago. Now it is next to the door. Cerapho told me to put it back in the cellar but I rejected. My father came on saturday to take care of me and he said that he is proud of me that I am that brave and have my normal day. What else should I do anyway. Nikki stayed a night at my place but she left me on sunday morning as well. When my boss heard the story on monday that I got to go for a doctor because of a check due to that he recommended me to take some overhours. Well okay, everyone takes care of me but nothing serious happened. Should I be more scared than I am? I think not. Anyway, thanks for your mails ..

Good things, bad things

Well ... last week was a bit crazy. I was three days in New York and had my fun there. And I met an old friend there ... Doris. She came over from Harvard where she is currently doing her PhD. She extended her stay and is still very happy with the decision. I think she will be a professor one day. After some minutes we talked about men and how her life was. Well, she was with some rich guys for a while, but then she stopped regular dating for her work. She started to have a sexual affair with a cheerleader and had casual encounters with guys. And now after another while she is dating a guy again. She wanted to surprise me that she has a clit piercing. We had our fun with my hand checking it below her skirt. And she had to laugh when I told her, that I have a clit ring too. Anyway, chatting with Doris was nice. She is such a great friend. Well later on friday, I was back in Munich, a girl attacked me with a knive. I was lucky that she was only able to cut my most outer skin a little bi

Stupid Bastards

Yesterday I took three guys home. They have been great ... in the beginning. All of them were nicely equipped, had good fucking talents and worked nicely together. All my holes have been filled up multiple times. Unfortunately, only with cocks and not sperm. During night i did not wonder where the sperm went. In the beginning they each shot a load into my face (what I really hate ... my loyal reader should know ... but what can you do against three guys) but later I just forgot. They went about three in the morning and when I woke up an hour ago and went to bath to get my face clean I got an idea where the remaining loads are. I found them everywhere. One on my couch, another on the floor, another on my razor, another in my handbag, another in my panties drawer, another .. urrgh, i dont tell you more. I have found 11 stains. I think every guy can shoot 5 laods a night (rough experience) ... so maybe it is okay. Cany anyone tell me what so wrong in ejaculating in the mouth of the girl

Let us play a game ...

I got some request to describe how I am look like. Well, I intentionally have not said much about that to protect myself a bit and further to rise the curiosity. Anyway: The game: Please post me a photo or a url to a picture how you think I look like. I would really appreciate that. Send it to or comment in this blog entry. Thank you. Update: No one made me blond so far ... Thank you!

Regarding blog comments

Thank you for commenting. It is far more interesting to have a vivid interaction with my readers than a passive readership. Continue to comment, love that, and please recommend me everywhere.

Escort presents

I have not written about them for a long time. The escort couple. Many of you reader do not know that I have been an escort just for fun in the last year. This year I continue to meet with a couple. They have given each other the promise only to fuck me and no one else. So I end up three times during the week to fuck him during lunchbreak. He works very close to me so I can do that in my one hour break. During weekends I go out shopping with her while we pretend to be a lesbian couple. We usually have a threesome with him afterwards. Anyway. So I met them today and they invited me for vacations again .... YEEEEESSSS Now i am ashamed ... i just recall myself that I have not paid for many of my last vacations. Always pay back using my pussy.

One afternoon stand

Today, during lunch break i picked up a guy. We shared a table at a overcrowded cafe in the Munich city center and we had a nice chat. He got that I am single and asked me why I answered him honestly that my lifestyle is to fuck around. Well, one hour later he shot a portion of sperm into my mouth. Afterwards I left him (we did it at his place) and I went to the english garden and enjoyed the sun for a while. Well, believe me or not, I waited for another guy to ask me for sex. I do not know why I am that horny, maybe the sun on the naked skin, maybe the early fuck, maybe just the summer. Well I dont know but I looked around. But no one was looking after me except the normal 50yo voyeurs