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Showing posts from June, 2009

Thinking of moving

Basically I am very happy with my current apartment. It is big, it is luxery, it is exclusive and it is a small skyscraper (rare in Munich). But I want to live a bit more down to earth. With the big crises everywhere it just do not longer fit. Not that it is a money problem, but the outlook is no longer that great ... so life is just more normal. Additionally I travel more, so I am looking for something more in the city center. So I started to search for a really cute down-to-earth apartment in Munich. Something special.

Anyway, from Sunday to this afternoon I was in New York City. Yeah ... I love this city. I was invited to a real cool artist party. It was a nice small party - only 8 person - 3 couples and two singles. That was a fun and afterwards me and the other single also had our fun, going out and continueing the party in my hotel.

Damn, Damn, Damn ... I fucked a co-worker

I do not know how he got me that far. Well, a month ago my boss gave me another role and consequently I am currently travelling quite a bit. I was in Berlin in a good hotel together with a co-worker. We usually chat a lot in the coffee-breaks and flirt a bit. We had flirted just for fun. Now it is bitter reality.I was in the hotel sauna when my co-worker suddenly was entering and there we stood. Me naked and he just wearing a towel. Well not that uncommon in Germany we chatted a little bit. But talking fun and showing him your naked glory at the same time is not that easy especially when the topic arise what piercings you have between your legs. So I showed him. I do not know why I did this and why we ended up in my bed. He is married to a (beautiful) french woman and I promised myself not to fuck co-workers, bosses or customers any more.The original plan to go out and get laid was also nice so why I did this? Anyway, let us hope that he understand that this will be a one-time-thing.

Windy Day

Today was fun. I was standing at a traffic light with my skimpy dress on my body when a blew of wind hit me. No it did not raised my skirt but it pressed the skirt between my ass cheeks and I think my ass was clearly visible. I was feeling it and when I turned my face to talk with a collegue I saw 5 guys just looking at my ass. It was so funny. The girls know that feeling of looks on your body ... a great feeling.

Anyway, I have to thank someone who posted my blog to which gave me thousands of clicks the last few days. Thank you my anonymous friend. Please all the new guys: Comment the blog. I life from feedback. Thank You