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Yesterday a monk passed my way. A extremely beautiful monk. He had a hard face, no fat just pure asceticism, close to shaved hair and a extreme kind of control. He looked into my eyes and not on my body. I was standing there, in a little dress and sunglasses and I had the feeling that he totally see through me and my life. Then I passed him and it was over. And I knew that I got a thrill from a monk who swear off all kind of temptation like me.

If I have fantasies about men of the church. Yes I have but other than so many fantasies I will not realize it. I respect their life style and their decision. It would be not very fair to attack them and ruin their life.

Fucking old boyfriends

I split up with Frank 8 years ago. I restart to fuck him some years ago. I think he cheated every girlfriend he had with me. Every single one. Today he cheated his newest girlfriend. It is funny with him. He was the second guy I ever had sex with. The second. And 8 years later, I am sexually really experienced while he still get big eyes at some moments in bed. Not that he is not a good fucker or that he is not experienced. He is quite above an average guy. With him I always think: "If I have not started to fuck around I would be like him."

Nevertheless, Frank is like Cerapho the guy I just adore. They are both not Mr. Perfect in bed (but good enough) but definately Mr. Perfect in life. And I will never give him up. So I do what I ever do when he ring my doorbell. Get naked and suck him off in the floor before we hit the bed.

Sucking childhood

What shall I say. I had a great threesome on saturday with my "buddy team" but afterwards a guy called me who claimed that we had oral sex. Well, I do not recall him (that is not the first time) but usually that is not good for him. But he told me that we have been classmates when we have been teenagers. Well, I sucked a lot when I was younger and have not counted then. He found me over a social network, contacted the common friend we have and he told him a lot about me. And now he had the idea to shove his cock into me. I liked this idea.

We made a date for saturday night and we talked a lot in a bar. I think he was really looking forward as we both know that the night will end in his bed. Ok it did not end there .. it ended in my bed ;-). He was really astonished by my body. He could only compare to some photos and the body which sucked him off 15 years ago.

The next morning the doorbell rang and my dad was standing in front of it. And I was just finishing my good morning he…


I tell you what happened to me last weekend. I got a call: "Hey sweetie ... I am looking for anal sex. Can I come over?" Well .. and I answered: "Sorry honey, currently I am riding someone ...." - and here I had this brilliant idea - " .... vaginally." I was looking at my fuck buddy and I saw the questionmarks in his face. And to the phone guy I said: "Come over."

The only guys who I had a good MMF threesome with have been Cerapho and Aron. Unfortunately, Aron is in Vienna and Cerapho is always very busy. These two fuck buddies I collected last weekend have been a good combination. Both of them are a little bit better sized (19 and 20 cm) and each one has a preference. Luckily the vagina guy is also very thick. And when they have sandwiched me .... well .. the motions have been great. Very good for a threesome. Not every guy is able to synchronize with another guy.

Anyway, I said to them, that from now on they are best friends and are only allowed…