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Showing posts from April, 2009

Cabrio ride ahead

My couple called me a few minutes ago and asked if I join them on a cabrio ride towards the lakes. Will be fun. I will wear some slight summer dress and enjoy the wind. And as far as i know them we will stop at the most romantic place and we will disturb it by a dirty threesome.


Okay... this spring kills my best principles for this year. I tried to calm down a bit after that horror year of 2008 where I fucked far too many strangers. So I behaved but after three months ... well .. I was in the theater on thursday. With my mom and my sister Sarah. And well when I stood outside after the show and chattet with my mom I looked around and well .. I heard my pussy very loud: Fuck somebody, fuck somebody. There have been some very nice looking guys which wear suits and ... . Well after I said goodbye to my mom and Sarah I went hunting. I picked someone up from a in-bar nearby. On Good Friday I was bored and decided that thursday was not an exception. So I called a couple which I promised a threesome a while ago and had fun with them till saturday morning. But then it went worse: On saturday I went out for party, drunk far too much, woke up next to someone I dont recall. He was nice enough to drive me back to the city. He told me that I just have sucked him off .. but

My three piece dress

Weather got finally warm enough to enjoy lighter dresses. First time that I enjoyed a three piece combination this year: Stilletos, sunglasses and a small dress. I was out with Cerapho and we enjoyed the city. We even had sex in the English Garden.