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Old collegue

Well, yesterday I met a former working collegue and his girlfriend at a party. When we had worked together, he had suffered a lot from my cleavage which I had used to manipulate them. And he immediately jumped again when he saw them again. Anyway, later the night I talked with his girlfriend and she asked me if I was the teasing bitch he always had talked about. Well, yes. After a while she said that she had hoped then, that I would at least suck him of one day so he stopped being confused like that. I laughed a lot but then asked: Should I catch up? She smiled. And smiled. And nodded. Well we pushed him in an empty room and I sucked him off while his girlfriend was watching. We did a nice cumball (I think that is the english slang for exchanging the sperm from mouth to mouth) and laughed a lot while he was pretty confused. I gave her my private number just for case she was looking for a threesome.

That was fun.

I got lasered

Today I had my first session to remove my pubic hair with a laser. I finally decided to use that option after I have heard from a collegue. He used it for some breast hairs but I had my pubic hair in mind ;-). Anyway, I decided to keep a strip which start a centimeter or two above my slit and ends where the hair naturally ends. Just about the width of 2 cm. I did this to have the option to have a strip again, if I like to. And it is very easy to shave that instead of all the other hair. I hope, it will work well for me and I do not have to have too many sessions and the result is really permanent.

Anton cum

Finally I could allow Anton to squirt his cum into me. He showed up with an HIV test and I could him show my one. Less than a minute later his cock was in me and soon enough he shot his load into me. What a delight. I was definately filled up with cum. And I so much liked it. And when he fucked me the second time the mess really started.

Anyway, finally another guy who can fuck me without condom.

First Screenshots

Hell we had a fun. Cerapho helped me with the programming and we had hell of a fun at this sunday afternoon. Checkout the following screenshots ...

If you think that looks like a iPhone ... yes ... that is the fun doing it ... it even behaves like an iPhone. We had some nice tipps and a good template from the internet.

Starting a little project

Well, a few weeks ago I was talking with some friends about a software which would be able to manage some of my most personal data. Data like my fuck buddy list, like my sex diary, like my sex photos, like my ... we can continue that.

It should be
gorgeous lookingabsolutely securehandle huge amount of data (no you perverts .. not my fuck buddy lists but photos)should run offline and onlineAfter that we start a little project group which work in our free time. Cerapho and Me participate in that group among six others. Most of them are "product manager" which specify the features for the product ;-) ... it is so funny.Anyway, maybe I can present you some screenshots soon

My profile

Recently I published a profile on a page .... here it is:

Well ... I am crazy. My characterisitics
Personality: Uncomplicated, honest, not shy. I am not ashamed of what I am.
Nymphomaniac: Three years ago a psych doctor certify me that my libido is beyond normal. As long as I am not in a relationship she recommended to just enjoy it. Whore: I have accepted money for sex in the past and on request I am still willing to do. Easy slut: I often do one night stands. To lay me, not much is necessary. If you ask me for sex, it is highly possible that you get it (but be prepared ... I may say yes ;-)). Fuck Buddy: I am a fuck buddy and I utilize fuck buddies for my own personal pleasure. I prefer lots of fuck buddies over a single fuck buddy. Sexual Harresment: Im biz life I am serious, but privately I am not bitchy about body contact and unappropriate language. It is totally okay, when you touch me in rl.
Pierced: Ecept my ears I have two piercings: A real clit piercing and a triangle. I got mor…


I am currently in the mood to fuck outside. Yesterday, I was fucked by Cerapho at a side street. We fucked 15 minutes long, me moaning in the empty street, before a couple disturbed us. I exposed my left breast and my vulva to them without being ashamed. When Cerapho pushed me and I lifted my jeans up, I even said Hi to them. I am such a natural exhibitionist by now. I have not thought about covering my pussy I was just thinking: Up with the jeans we have to move to another more private place. Just a few meters away I finished him behind a car by sucking him dry.

I am looking forward and anticipate the summer where I finally can wear short skirts and loose tops again.

Quickies & Sperm

Well I love quickies. I love them spontainious, I love them clothed, I love them in public places and I love the sperm in my thong afterwards. On the weekend Cerapho pulled me in a dressing room which was just covered by a curtain. Unfortunately, only Cerapho and the couple can do that with me without condom. And I love everytime the feeling when they cum into me. I love it most when I can feel the sperm while sitting in a business meeting or in a bar with friends. And what I love most is when people flirt with me while I still can feel it.

I am currently thinking about letting Anton do me without protection. Just to have another guy who can squirt into me. I love the feeling when he squirts in the condom. He is pulsating very often and he shoot a good load. And I desperately need that.