Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Dad

Well, maybe you remember my dad. Well he visited me for the first time alone in my apartment. And in different to my mother he knew a lot about me. So I let my naked pictures hang on the wall and as he come to early I was just wearing a big male shirt. And nothing else. Not even below. Well he was surprised when I opened him the door that way but he know me and it was not the last surprise for him this day.

Well he noticed the big pictures of me on the wall. As I posted before, these pictures are naked pictures of me. All of them black and white and usually the face, the tits and sometimes the pussy are visible. He stood in front of one of it while I make coffee for him when he asked me: Josephine, what is that between your legs. This white thing. Well, how do you explain your dad who was catholic raised in a time long ago, that you have a clitoris piercing. Well I told him that it is a piercing, that it is very arousing to me and that I even can feel it when I walk with a jeans. He shaked his head and I smiled and asked him if he want to see. He shaked his head again. Well I sat us and served coffee for him. Well I saw him blushing and he asked me to wear some underwear. Well my shirt has raised up a bit and it was obvious that I do not wear anything below but I was nice and my legs have been closed and laying on the couch. I smiled and remind him that this is my apartment and if he continues that issue I will undo a button of my shirt. He accepted that.

Well I talked with my dad for a while. I updated him about my relationship status and that I have stopped fucking around a while ago. He was happy to hear that. My dad never was happy with me doing many men. I told him once how I usually get guys in my bed which shocked him a lot then and I also told him my number today. Well, and then he said something like: "That is a lot. More than many whores surely have." Well, here a tear run down my cheeks. And when he asked what is up (he know me as a tough girl who stopped crying long ago) I told him about the couple and that I get money for it. Well ... that was not as easy for him as all the other "bad" things I have done. And for me neither. I knew that I crossed a huge border when I started to have sex for money. We both cooled down a bit when I told him how civilized this escort job is. That the couple is very rich, that I earn lot of money, that the locations, the sex and the two persons are absolut ideal. When I told him how much money I get (it is about the same amount I earn by my job .... which is very good paid) for having sex with them a few times the month I noticed a change within him. He said something like: "That is indeed hard to resist, when you would do it with them anyway." I had to promise him that I never will be a street hooker and that I come to him when I am in financial problems. Well I did and I told him that I do not do this job for the financial benefit out of it. At this moment I told my dad also that the doctor has certified me an increased libido and therefore hypersexuality. Well, he thought something like that he said.

Anyway. After this long conversation we agreed to eat something outside and I was uncloth the shirt when my dad said: "Hey warn me next time". I turned around and showed him my front side and smiled at him: "Dad, I am your daughter." I looked at his eyes who fought a hard fight where to watch. "Dad, you can check me out. I am not only your daughter but also a good looking girl." I heard a very soft "Indeed."

When we say goodbye in the restaurant he kissed my forehead and said: "You know why I love you most: You are brave and not a coward. You live your life without me and mum have to worry about you. And even if all the problems all your sisters have would be your problems, we would have no fear that you cannot stand it. I love you." Well, that is a little bit too much what he think of me.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Aron in Munich

Aron had a business trip in Munich on Monday till Wednesday. I stopped a date with Anton - the guy from the sauna I meet recently - and had my fun with Aron. On the night from tuesday to wednesday we have not slept at all. On tuesday morning he came two hours late to work because I sucked him off (I sometimes think that I have more fun sucking than the guys getting sucked). For my own part ... I took a day off (not to say too much).

On the same day during his business lunch I went to the same restaurant but sat on another table. I sent him an SMS that I am pantyless. After I finished my salad I sent him another SMS that I want to have a desert. Well I got it a few minutes later in the male restroom. And his load was precious. I ate a mouse chocolate afterwards. Sperm and chocolate. Tuesday continued to be fun. After that I met a frind of mine. She is a stupid sales person but she has a damn hot body. She closed the shop for an hour and we had sex in the dressing room. Having quickies with lesbians is always hot. I like that. I occosionally fuck her since I met her and her former girlfriend three years ago in february 2006. They have been young then but now she is 20 and a ripe fruit. We often have sex that way. Her boss is far away so nobody cares if she closes the shop for some time.

In the evening Aron come back and we finished that great tuesday.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

My cousin's daughter

Well, somehow my family trusts me. My cousin send her 17 year old daughter to me. My cousin asked me to show her the city and buy her some new dresses. Well, what shall I say ... she also asked me to talk with her about sex. What disturb me most is that she know what kind of girl I am.

Last weekend was the third weekend she was in Munich in my apartment. What shall I say .. she is a hard case. She was raised in a small bavarian village on a farmer spot more than 5 kilometer away from the next village. The only boyfriend she ever had was a boy from a neighborhood but he never gave her more than a kiss. Her mother, my cousin, is a beautiful woman who introduced her to make up and beauty care but on a farmer's place there are restrictions and hard work. Anyway, on the first weekend I showed her around in Munich, went to a disco with her (she never was in a disco) and bought her some tops. On sunday morning I talked with her about oral sex. It was funny, when I said to her, that I sometimes have the urgent feeling that "ich muss mal was in den mund nehmen" ("I have to take something into my mouth") or more or less a quite hard oral fixation she nearly went unconscious ;-).

Well, we talked about sex at the second weekend. And I bought her more than a dozen string or g-strings. On the first weekend I asked her to bring her whole underwear department with her. And she did. Well I throw most of them into the trash. Well I bought her a razor and lot of condoms. Well ... I also showed her how to shave her pussy, and more important, her legs.
On sunday we even talked a little bit more and she loosed up a bit. She even joined me in a hot tub. It was nice to talk to her and we agreed that next time she wants to see me fucking a guy.

On the third weekend ... well ... I want that she get the impression that I pickup the guy. But I was not willing to ask a stranger if I could have sex with him in front of my cousins little daughter. So I arranged to see Anton in a bar and told him to behave like a stranger. When I told her that we will go out on friday she was surprised and when I whispered her in the taxi that I will pickup a guy for the sex she went bloody red. In the bar we drank something and then I approached Anton. I showed her how to use your body and a minute later he spent us some drinks and we sat in a corner. After a time she addressed me and we went for little girls where she told me, that he is constantly looking between my legs obviously want to peek my thong. Well, she was blood red again when I asked her, what brought her to the idea that I wear a thong.

Well, she learned a lot that night I think. Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Foreplay and not to forget the usage of condoms. And in the morning ... well she learned that being naked in front of a stranger is not that hard. When she left me on sunday I told her that he is a friend of mine.

I do not know if she comes next weekend. But I hope so.