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My Dad

Well, maybe you remember my dad. Well he visited me for the first time alone in my apartment. And in different to my mother he knew a lot about me. So I let my naked pictures hang on the wall and as he come to early I was just wearing a big male shirt. And nothing else. Not even below. Well he was surprised when I opened him the door that way but he know me and it was not the last surprise for him this day.

Well he noticed the big pictures of me on the wall. As I posted before, these pictures are naked pictures of me. All of them black and white and usually the face, the tits and sometimes the pussy are visible. He stood in front of one of it while I make coffee for him when he asked me: Josephine, what is that between your legs. This white thing. Well, how do you explain your dad who was catholic raised in a time long ago, that you have a clitoris piercing. Well I told him that it is a piercing, that it is very arousing to me and that I even can feel it when I walk with a jeans. He sh…

Aron in Munich

Aron had a business trip in Munich on Monday till Wednesday. I stopped a date with Anton - the guy from the sauna I meet recently - and had my fun with Aron. On the night from tuesday to wednesday we have not slept at all. On tuesday morning he came two hours late to work because I sucked him off (I sometimes think that I have more fun sucking than the guys getting sucked). For my own part ... I took a day off (not to say too much).

On the same day during his business lunch I went to the same restaurant but sat on another table. I sent him an SMS that I am pantyless. After I finished my salad I sent him another SMS that I want to have a desert. Well I got it a few minutes later in the male restroom. And his load was precious. I ate a mouse chocolate afterwards. Sperm and chocolate. Tuesday continued to be fun. After that I met a frind of mine. She is a stupid sales person but she has a damn hot body. She closed the shop for an hour and we had sex in the dressing room. Having quickies w…

My cousin's daughter

Well, somehow my family trusts me. My cousin send her 17 year old daughter to me. My cousin asked me to show her the city and buy her some new dresses. Well, what shall I say ... she also asked me to talk with her about sex. What disturb me most is that she know what kind of girl I am.

Last weekend was the third weekend she was in Munich in my apartment. What shall I say .. she is a hard case. She was raised in a small bavarian village on a farmer spot more than 5 kilometer away from the next village. The only boyfriend she ever had was a boy from a neighborhood but he never gave her more than a kiss. Her mother, my cousin, is a beautiful woman who introduced her to make up and beauty care but on a farmer's place there are restrictions and hard work. Anyway, on the first weekend I showed her around in Munich, went to a disco with her (she never was in a disco) and bought her some tops. On sunday morning I talked with her about oral sex. It was funny, when I said to her, that I some…