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20 days ...

I have not jumped into a stranger's bed for twenty days. Incredible or? Last week, I got a call from this orgy organization - you read the blog a few weeks ago - and I rejected their offer. I do not know why. I loved this idea and group but currently .... just no. Everything is so weired (do not be afraid ... not pregnant ;-)).

I am thinking a lot currently and my job is a lot of fun currently.

Dreaming about getting knocked up?

I had a strange dream tonight. That strange that I am scared. I dreamed that I was knocked up by my escort couple's guy. That I carry a child for them. She told me yesterday that she is unable to bear childs. I am a bit scared. His sperm is in my pussy every time we fuck. Every time and usually I do not bother with cleaning but instead trusting my panties. I am happy that I am on the pill which defend that arc-nemesis of liquid so good.

Nevertheless, on the other side: The way they treat and cover me is excellent. How would they take care the mother of their baby. They would be a perfect couple for that. And honestly, they are rich and currently they get richer each day. She told me that he get ten times the amount of last year by his family company. He would be the perfect husband.

New Year, New Guys

Well, 2009 started how 2008 ended. On Sylvester we had a little orgy. The old flat community came together, including Aron (he is so cute) and Jessica from Vienna. After midnight I wandered through the city and ended in the arms of a doorkeeper I know pretty well. He was a cute fuck.

I counted my fuck partners again and what shall I say: 2008 was a bad bad year .. or should I better say: I was a really bad bad bad bad girl. I fucked 2008 more guys than in my entire live before 2008.

I love playing with numbers. There is another: In few days I will become beautiful 28 years old. I was deflowered with 14. On my birthday. So in a few days I can say that I have sex for a longer period than I have not.