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Bina the Pinup

Incredible, today Bina dressed up as a pinup. What style was suddenly in her? Her lips red, wearing all day long a white dress, wearing nice shoes, her hair combed and a flower in her hair. Beautiful. I think she likes to dress up for people. Three friends of her are here now.
Anyway, I will see what happens next with her. Yesterday she told me, that she had not fucked for over half a year. I asked her about the first night. She told me, that she had not had sex with him.

What is going on (in the state of denmark)?

Bina, Bina, Bina

Bina is a bitch. Yesterday a punk like guy slept the night at her place. At lunch she told me that she has not slept with him despite he wanted to. I asked her why she is so cruel to him but she just said that she liked his body but had no interest in sex with him.

Sometimes I think I made my life more easy for me and others.


Yesterday, I was in the sauna. Alone. I was not very shy and played a little bit with my clit when suddenly there was a noise from the door to the wellness room. So I shot up, sat myself upright and smiled. Well, an young guy came in. Maybe 20 years old. Not much younger, maybe older. So I said "Hi" and we started to chat. He is really nice. He is living two floors below my bedroom with his parents, he has a girlfriend and he is in a nice shape.

Well, when you have read my blog you know that I am not the girl who keeps her legs closed in the sauna. So he saw my tits, the clit, the clit ring and if he has a little experience also that I freshly masturbated. Well, I think we both enjoyed it. Well later I swam some rounds and asked him to lift me out of water. I teased him lot. I was naked and he already wore his swimwear. I let my tit touch his skin and left the wellness area after I dried myself. I had so much fun laughing about it afterwards.

I think one day, this guy will hav…

Something Nasty for you

Some news from Bina: Well, I saw her naked for the first time: What shall I say: Not only five piercings but at least 8 (both breasts and at least one at her pussy). And the most juicy thing: A tattoo on her pubis as an replacement for a pubic hair strip. It is a tribal, two centimeter width and maybe ten in length. As an replacement for her strip. What a genious idea.

A little Update - Weekend War

Well, what shall I say: She is not as bad as I thought. She is actually quite okay. I had to clean after her and accept that her music is not mine but except that: A kid of my family. She slept her first night here from friday to saturday. And to be exact: Not alone and very late. I wanted to invite her for dinner on friday but she rejected and went for party. She kicked him out when I was cooking my lunch on saturday. She smiled at me like she was challanging me. Poor girl. But I was accepting (sorry). On sunday morning she was alone but I had a threesome with my fuck buddy pair. That was so funny when she saw me coming out with one guy and sit down for lunch and then flushing her face when she saw the second guy walking in. When I got the milk I went to her ear and whispered: "Do not play that game with me". I think she accepted that she lost that battle.

Anyway, except that little fight we had a nice weekend. On sunday I showed her a little bit around and for dinner we met…

Bina's new room

What shall I say: She moved in. Two big luggagues and nothing more. No furniture at all. We went to IKEA with her father and bought her a bed and a closet. Unfortunately, we had to put it in front of a book rack in the former pool room. Anyway, I am in a hurry, will tell more soon.


She will move in on thursday. As she moved here from Israel and I need a name here in the blog ... let us call her Bina. Well I met her yesterday and we both agreed that this is just an intermediate solution. Okay, at least we agreed on one thing. And my great-aunt will sent me some money for food and for the living costs. Money, people always think money is necessary. I want freedom. We met after work and hell, she just stood up. She partied whole night from sunday to monday morning. That will be horrible. I love to sleep (at least during the week).

I have a new flatmate

What shall I say: I have a new flatmate despite I did not searched for one. She is a great cousin of mine who lifed in Israel for the last 4 years. Her father is a guy from the diplomatic service (but not the german one). She is 19 years old and heading for the university. Why she moved into my place: Her parents move to another country and she wanted to study. And her mother was thinking we fit together. And as unfortunately, they talked with my uncle before ... well ... you can count things together. She will move in next weekend.

I have seen her the last time when she was 13. That girl changed. I can vividly remember myself how I tickled her when she was 9 and still a nice girl. But that changed. She is a blond girl, the skin very dark, her body shape ultra thin (my great aunt told me that I have to watch for her) and a face, well, adorable. Unfortunately, she is also a rebel. She has a nose, a lip, an eyebrow, a belly button and another piercing on her chest, has a tattoo on her st…

Like a virgin

Well not exactly right, but I felt like one. I had a ONS with a 25yo and I afterwards I stood naked in front a mirror and inspected myself. I was a little unconfident about my body as his was a well-trained dream. He came behind me and said: You are sexy (well telling me that I am sexy is something I always get weak). I asked him why and then he said that he never slept with a girl more perfect than me. Well after that I fucked him another time.

You think he lie to me. No I do not think so. I have seen two of the girls he had sex with before. Very beautiful girls. And he rejected one of them while we met.

Anyway, sorry for not writing for a while, I have been busy in the world.


Found the sauna

It is funny: I found the sauna. My uncle told me there is one deep in the cellar but now I found it. The second floor below earth. Very rare for a normal living house. It is a great wellness room. The pool is about 10 meter in square and the sauna is builtin the wall. Not such a standard wood thing. Luckily we have a lift here. Fifth floor to the second basement is quite a distance.

Oh, and i deflowered the pool table.

Fuck New York

Everytime I go to New York for business I extend my stays for the weekend. For sexual purposes. I love to fuck in New York. I like this city and I have a friend there who give me valueable tipps where to go. And it is funny: Clubs are everywhere the same in the world. Look like you have a degree but still be beautiful, wear only a dress and shoes and you are in, everywhere. Did that for four times now. Always wonderful two days.

My new Home

Wow .. I have not posted for close to a month. I am sorry my dear readers. It was a stressful month. I was in 3 cities around the world and took a week of to move.

Regarding my new flat. Well, a was lucky again. An uncle of mine was moving to a nursing home and he was offering his flat to all his nieces and nephews to buy it. He made a really good price and the money was later split among my cousins. I took my money I earned with my pussy the last year and some saved money so I could afford it. It is a real jewel and I am lucky that my uncle preffered me over another cousin of mine. But he already has a house on his own.
Well to tell something about my uncle. He was and still is a playboy. For the last ten or maybe even some more years he made always compliments in my direction, how good I look and how nice I behave. He always hinted me to enjoy my life but I never told him how much I actually did.

Anyway, let me describe you the apartment: It is basically a completed attic with a cut o…

Model shoot

A few days ago I got a call from a friend of mine, a guy from a model agency. I once had an ONS with him so I expected that he asks for sex but he did not. He asked me to do a model shoot. I know that I am not ugly but I am not model material. So I asked him why. Well he said he liked a very special part of my body. Well I accepted, just for fun, as I have done before and during the photoshoot I understood why.

The shooting was a bikini shot where on the picture is just my ass, the bikini bottom and my tighs. From the back. Well you think: Okay nothing special but you miss one thing. They have been interesting in the gap between my legs. Well my pelvis is somehow formed so that my legs are seperated from each other with noticeable space between them. When I sit down and press my knees together (not crossing them) I can look between them on the chair. Many guys like that a lot (got lots of compliments) and so did the photographer.

So I am a body part model from now on. Just kidding. Sure…

Dirndl & Flights

Soon it is september and the Oktoberfest is once again ahead. I picked my Schlampendirndl out and cleaned it. I am so proud of this piece of leather ;). And always the question: What to wear below the skirt. Somebody will see ... so ... a nice white one ... or a sexy black see through?

We will see.

I have been in NYC again. I hate these flights. Nothing todo and ugly sitting neighbors.


Virginity is for most guys a real problem. From a certain moment on it is difficult to get rid of it. It is so easy to feel when a guy is a virgin. On earlier times I had not care but today I am an old lady ;-) and I want to have great sex when I have sex. Why I tell you this? I fucked a virgin the day before yesterday. A 23 year old virgin. And it was good sex.

It was Cerapho who brought me this youngster. He introduced me and told me that he has a package in his trousers. I felt immediately that he is a virgin but I trust Cerapho in the choice of my sex partners. What he had selected for me was always good sex later. When I later got naked and I saw what happened below his boxers I was once again astonished how such guys stay virgins. Well when I pulled down the boxers I really saw size. I measured it (he did not know .. ): 23cm erected length and a width of 6cm. Alone thinking of that makes me hot.

Anyway, it was great. Not the sex rythm but how your body rocks on that thing.

A little scar

I think there will be a little scar leftover when my injury is totally healed. I look at it every morning hope for a fast healing. I took some days off and relax a bit. And I unpacked my baseball bat I had already put in the cellar long time ago. Now it is next to the door. Cerapho told me to put it back in the cellar but I rejected.

My father came on saturday to take care of me and he said that he is proud of me that I am that brave and have my normal day. What else should I do anyway. Nikki stayed a night at my place but she left me on sunday morning as well. When my boss heard the story on monday that I got to go for a doctor because of a check due to that he recommended me to take some overhours. Well okay, everyone takes care of me but nothing serious happened. Should I be more scared than I am? I think not.

Anyway, thanks for your mails ..

Good things, bad things

Well ... last week was a bit crazy. I was three days in New York and had my fun there. And I met an old friend there ... Doris. She came over from Harvard where she is currently doing her PhD. She extended her stay and is still very happy with the decision. I think she will be a professor one day. After some minutes we talked about men and how her life was. Well, she was with some rich guys for a while, but then she stopped regular dating for her work. She started to have a sexual affair with a cheerleader and had casual encounters with guys. And now after another while she is dating a guy again. She wanted to surprise me that she has a clit piercing. We had our fun with my hand checking it below her skirt. And she had to laugh when I told her, that I have a clit ring too. Anyway, chatting with Doris was nice. She is such a great friend.

Well later on friday, I was back in Munich, a girl attacked me with a knive. I was lucky that she was only able to cut my most outer skin a little bit…

Stupid Bastards

Yesterday I took three guys home. They have been great ... in the beginning. All of them were nicely equipped, had good fucking talents and worked nicely together. All my holes have been filled up multiple times. Unfortunately, only with cocks and not sperm. During night i did not wonder where the sperm went. In the beginning they each shot a load into my face (what I really hate ... my loyal reader should know ... but what can you do against three guys) but later I just forgot. They went about three in the morning and when I woke up an hour ago and went to bath to get my face clean I got an idea where the remaining loads are. I found them everywhere. One on my couch, another on the floor, another on my razor, another in my handbag, another in my panties drawer, another .. urrgh, i dont tell you more. I have found 11 stains. I think every guy can shoot 5 laods a night (rough experience) ... so maybe it is okay.

Cany anyone tell me what so wrong in ejaculating in the mouth of the girl y…

Let us play a game ...

I got some request to describe how I am look like. Well, I intentionally have not said much about that to protect myself a bit and further to rise the curiosity.

Anyway: The game: Please post me a photo or a url to a picture how you think I look like. I would really appreciate that. Send it to or comment in this blog entry. Thank you.

Update: No one made me blond so far ... Thank you!

Regarding blog comments

Thank you for commenting. It is far more interesting to have a vivid interaction with my readers than a passive readership.

Continue to comment, love that, and please recommend me everywhere.

Escort presents

I have not written about them for a long time. The escort couple. Many of you reader do not know that I have been an escort just for fun in the last year. This year I continue to meet with a couple. They have given each other the promise only to fuck me and no one else. So I end up three times during the week to fuck him during lunchbreak. He works very close to me so I can do that in my one hour break. During weekends I go out shopping with her while we pretend to be a lesbian couple. We usually have a threesome with him afterwards. Anyway.

So I met them today and they invited me for vacations again .... YEEEEESSSS

Now i am ashamed ... i just recall myself that I have not paid for many of my last vacations. Always pay back using my pussy.

One afternoon stand

Today, during lunch break i picked up a guy. We shared a table at a overcrowded cafe in the Munich city center and we had a nice chat. He got that I am single and asked me why I answered him honestly that my lifestyle is to fuck around. Well, one hour later he shot a portion of sperm into my mouth. Afterwards I left him (we did it at his place) and I went to the english garden and enjoyed the sun for a while. Well, believe me or not, I waited for another guy to ask me for sex. I do not know why I am that horny, maybe the sun on the naked skin, maybe the early fuck, maybe just the summer. Well I dont know but I looked around. But no one was looking after me except the normal 50yo voyeurs

Thinking of moving

Basically I am very happy with my current apartment. It is big, it is luxery, it is exclusive and it is a small skyscraper (rare in Munich). But I want to live a bit more down to earth. With the big crises everywhere it just do not longer fit. Not that it is a money problem, but the outlook is no longer that great ... so life is just more normal. Additionally I travel more, so I am looking for something more in the city center. So I started to search for a really cute down-to-earth apartment in Munich. Something special.

Anyway, from Sunday to this afternoon I was in New York City. Yeah ... I love this city. I was invited to a real cool artist party. It was a nice small party - only 8 person - 3 couples and two singles. That was a fun and afterwards me and the other single also had our fun, going out and continueing the party in my hotel.

Damn, Damn, Damn ... I fucked a co-worker

I do not know how he got me that far. Well, a month ago my boss gave me another role and consequently I am currently travelling quite a bit. I was in Berlin in a good hotel together with a co-worker. We usually chat a lot in the coffee-breaks and flirt a bit. We had flirted just for fun. Now it is bitter reality.I was in the hotel sauna when my co-worker suddenly was entering and there we stood. Me naked and he just wearing a towel. Well not that uncommon in Germany we chatted a little bit. But talking fun and showing him your naked glory at the same time is not that easy especially when the topic arise what piercings you have between your legs. So I showed him. I do not know why I did this and why we ended up in my bed. He is married to a (beautiful) french woman and I promised myself not to fuck co-workers, bosses or customers any more.The original plan to go out and get laid was also nice so why I did this? Anyway, let us hope that he understand that this will be a one-time-thing.

Windy Day

Today was fun. I was standing at a traffic light with my skimpy dress on my body when a blew of wind hit me. No it did not raised my skirt but it pressed the skirt between my ass cheeks and I think my ass was clearly visible. I was feeling it and when I turned my face to talk with a collegue I saw 5 guys just looking at my ass. It was so funny. The girls know that feeling of looks on your body ... a great feeling.

Anyway, I have to thank someone who posted my blog to which gave me thousands of clicks the last few days. Thank you my anonymous friend. Please all the new guys: Comment the blog. I life from feedback. Thank You


Yesterday a monk passed my way. A extremely beautiful monk. He had a hard face, no fat just pure asceticism, close to shaved hair and a extreme kind of control. He looked into my eyes and not on my body. I was standing there, in a little dress and sunglasses and I had the feeling that he totally see through me and my life. Then I passed him and it was over. And I knew that I got a thrill from a monk who swear off all kind of temptation like me.

If I have fantasies about men of the church. Yes I have but other than so many fantasies I will not realize it. I respect their life style and their decision. It would be not very fair to attack them and ruin their life.

Fucking old boyfriends

I split up with Frank 8 years ago. I restart to fuck him some years ago. I think he cheated every girlfriend he had with me. Every single one. Today he cheated his newest girlfriend. It is funny with him. He was the second guy I ever had sex with. The second. And 8 years later, I am sexually really experienced while he still get big eyes at some moments in bed. Not that he is not a good fucker or that he is not experienced. He is quite above an average guy. With him I always think: "If I have not started to fuck around I would be like him."

Nevertheless, Frank is like Cerapho the guy I just adore. They are both not Mr. Perfect in bed (but good enough) but definately Mr. Perfect in life. And I will never give him up. So I do what I ever do when he ring my doorbell. Get naked and suck him off in the floor before we hit the bed.

Sucking childhood

What shall I say. I had a great threesome on saturday with my "buddy team" but afterwards a guy called me who claimed that we had oral sex. Well, I do not recall him (that is not the first time) but usually that is not good for him. But he told me that we have been classmates when we have been teenagers. Well, I sucked a lot when I was younger and have not counted then. He found me over a social network, contacted the common friend we have and he told him a lot about me. And now he had the idea to shove his cock into me. I liked this idea.

We made a date for saturday night and we talked a lot in a bar. I think he was really looking forward as we both know that the night will end in his bed. Ok it did not end there .. it ended in my bed ;-). He was really astonished by my body. He could only compare to some photos and the body which sucked him off 15 years ago.

The next morning the doorbell rang and my dad was standing in front of it. And I was just finishing my good morning he…


I tell you what happened to me last weekend. I got a call: "Hey sweetie ... I am looking for anal sex. Can I come over?" Well .. and I answered: "Sorry honey, currently I am riding someone ...." - and here I had this brilliant idea - " .... vaginally." I was looking at my fuck buddy and I saw the questionmarks in his face. And to the phone guy I said: "Come over."

The only guys who I had a good MMF threesome with have been Cerapho and Aron. Unfortunately, Aron is in Vienna and Cerapho is always very busy. These two fuck buddies I collected last weekend have been a good combination. Both of them are a little bit better sized (19 and 20 cm) and each one has a preference. Luckily the vagina guy is also very thick. And when they have sandwiched me .... well .. the motions have been great. Very good for a threesome. Not every guy is able to synchronize with another guy.

Anyway, I said to them, that from now on they are best friends and are only allowed…

Cabrio ride ahead

My couple called me a few minutes ago and asked if I join them on a cabrio ride towards the lakes. Will be fun. I will wear some slight summer dress and enjoy the wind. And as far as i know them we will stop at the most romantic place and we will disturb it by a dirty threesome.


Okay... this spring kills my best principles for this year. I tried to calm down a bit after that horror year of 2008 where I fucked far too many strangers. So I behaved but after three months ... well .. I was in the theater on thursday. With my mom and my sister Sarah. And well when I stood outside after the show and chattet with my mom I looked around and well .. I heard my pussy very loud: Fuck somebody, fuck somebody. There have been some very nice looking guys which wear suits and ... .

Well after I said goodbye to my mom and Sarah I went hunting. I picked someone up from a in-bar nearby. On Good Friday I was bored and decided that thursday was not an exception. So I called a couple which I promised a threesome a while ago and had fun with them till saturday morning. But then it went worse: On saturday I went out for party, drunk far too much, woke up next to someone I dont recall. He was nice enough to drive me back to the city. He told me that I just have sucked him off .. but …

My three piece dress

Weather got finally warm enough to enjoy lighter dresses. First time that I enjoyed a three piece combination this year: Stilletos, sunglasses and a small dress. I was out with Cerapho and we enjoyed the city. We even had sex in the English Garden.

Old collegue

Well, yesterday I met a former working collegue and his girlfriend at a party. When we had worked together, he had suffered a lot from my cleavage which I had used to manipulate them. And he immediately jumped again when he saw them again. Anyway, later the night I talked with his girlfriend and she asked me if I was the teasing bitch he always had talked about. Well, yes. After a while she said that she had hoped then, that I would at least suck him of one day so he stopped being confused like that. I laughed a lot but then asked: Should I catch up? She smiled. And smiled. And nodded. Well we pushed him in an empty room and I sucked him off while his girlfriend was watching. We did a nice cumball (I think that is the english slang for exchanging the sperm from mouth to mouth) and laughed a lot while he was pretty confused. I gave her my private number just for case she was looking for a threesome.

That was fun.

I got lasered

Today I had my first session to remove my pubic hair with a laser. I finally decided to use that option after I have heard from a collegue. He used it for some breast hairs but I had my pubic hair in mind ;-). Anyway, I decided to keep a strip which start a centimeter or two above my slit and ends where the hair naturally ends. Just about the width of 2 cm. I did this to have the option to have a strip again, if I like to. And it is very easy to shave that instead of all the other hair. I hope, it will work well for me and I do not have to have too many sessions and the result is really permanent.

Anton cum

Finally I could allow Anton to squirt his cum into me. He showed up with an HIV test and I could him show my one. Less than a minute later his cock was in me and soon enough he shot his load into me. What a delight. I was definately filled up with cum. And I so much liked it. And when he fucked me the second time the mess really started.

Anyway, finally another guy who can fuck me without condom.

First Screenshots

Hell we had a fun. Cerapho helped me with the programming and we had hell of a fun at this sunday afternoon. Checkout the following screenshots ...

If you think that looks like a iPhone ... yes ... that is the fun doing it ... it even behaves like an iPhone. We had some nice tipps and a good template from the internet.

Starting a little project

Well, a few weeks ago I was talking with some friends about a software which would be able to manage some of my most personal data. Data like my fuck buddy list, like my sex diary, like my sex photos, like my ... we can continue that.

It should be
gorgeous lookingabsolutely securehandle huge amount of data (no you perverts .. not my fuck buddy lists but photos)should run offline and onlineAfter that we start a little project group which work in our free time. Cerapho and Me participate in that group among six others. Most of them are "product manager" which specify the features for the product ;-) ... it is so funny.Anyway, maybe I can present you some screenshots soon

My profile

Recently I published a profile on a page .... here it is:

Well ... I am crazy. My characterisitics
Personality: Uncomplicated, honest, not shy. I am not ashamed of what I am.
Nymphomaniac: Three years ago a psych doctor certify me that my libido is beyond normal. As long as I am not in a relationship she recommended to just enjoy it. Whore: I have accepted money for sex in the past and on request I am still willing to do. Easy slut: I often do one night stands. To lay me, not much is necessary. If you ask me for sex, it is highly possible that you get it (but be prepared ... I may say yes ;-)). Fuck Buddy: I am a fuck buddy and I utilize fuck buddies for my own personal pleasure. I prefer lots of fuck buddies over a single fuck buddy. Sexual Harresment: Im biz life I am serious, but privately I am not bitchy about body contact and unappropriate language. It is totally okay, when you touch me in rl.
Pierced: Ecept my ears I have two piercings: A real clit piercing and a triangle. I got mor…


I am currently in the mood to fuck outside. Yesterday, I was fucked by Cerapho at a side street. We fucked 15 minutes long, me moaning in the empty street, before a couple disturbed us. I exposed my left breast and my vulva to them without being ashamed. When Cerapho pushed me and I lifted my jeans up, I even said Hi to them. I am such a natural exhibitionist by now. I have not thought about covering my pussy I was just thinking: Up with the jeans we have to move to another more private place. Just a few meters away I finished him behind a car by sucking him dry.

I am looking forward and anticipate the summer where I finally can wear short skirts and loose tops again.

Quickies & Sperm

Well I love quickies. I love them spontainious, I love them clothed, I love them in public places and I love the sperm in my thong afterwards. On the weekend Cerapho pulled me in a dressing room which was just covered by a curtain. Unfortunately, only Cerapho and the couple can do that with me without condom. And I love everytime the feeling when they cum into me. I love it most when I can feel the sperm while sitting in a business meeting or in a bar with friends. And what I love most is when people flirt with me while I still can feel it.

I am currently thinking about letting Anton do me without protection. Just to have another guy who can squirt into me. I love the feeling when he squirts in the condom. He is pulsating very often and he shoot a good load. And I desperately need that.

My Dad

Well, maybe you remember my dad. Well he visited me for the first time alone in my apartment. And in different to my mother he knew a lot about me. So I let my naked pictures hang on the wall and as he come to early I was just wearing a big male shirt. And nothing else. Not even below. Well he was surprised when I opened him the door that way but he know me and it was not the last surprise for him this day.

Well he noticed the big pictures of me on the wall. As I posted before, these pictures are naked pictures of me. All of them black and white and usually the face, the tits and sometimes the pussy are visible. He stood in front of one of it while I make coffee for him when he asked me: Josephine, what is that between your legs. This white thing. Well, how do you explain your dad who was catholic raised in a time long ago, that you have a clitoris piercing. Well I told him that it is a piercing, that it is very arousing to me and that I even can feel it when I walk with a jeans. He sh…

Aron in Munich

Aron had a business trip in Munich on Monday till Wednesday. I stopped a date with Anton - the guy from the sauna I meet recently - and had my fun with Aron. On the night from tuesday to wednesday we have not slept at all. On tuesday morning he came two hours late to work because I sucked him off (I sometimes think that I have more fun sucking than the guys getting sucked). For my own part ... I took a day off (not to say too much).

On the same day during his business lunch I went to the same restaurant but sat on another table. I sent him an SMS that I am pantyless. After I finished my salad I sent him another SMS that I want to have a desert. Well I got it a few minutes later in the male restroom. And his load was precious. I ate a mouse chocolate afterwards. Sperm and chocolate. Tuesday continued to be fun. After that I met a frind of mine. She is a stupid sales person but she has a damn hot body. She closed the shop for an hour and we had sex in the dressing room. Having quickies w…

My cousin's daughter

Well, somehow my family trusts me. My cousin send her 17 year old daughter to me. My cousin asked me to show her the city and buy her some new dresses. Well, what shall I say ... she also asked me to talk with her about sex. What disturb me most is that she know what kind of girl I am.

Last weekend was the third weekend she was in Munich in my apartment. What shall I say .. she is a hard case. She was raised in a small bavarian village on a farmer spot more than 5 kilometer away from the next village. The only boyfriend she ever had was a boy from a neighborhood but he never gave her more than a kiss. Her mother, my cousin, is a beautiful woman who introduced her to make up and beauty care but on a farmer's place there are restrictions and hard work. Anyway, on the first weekend I showed her around in Munich, went to a disco with her (she never was in a disco) and bought her some tops. On sunday morning I talked with her about oral sex. It was funny, when I said to her, that I some…

20 days ...

I have not jumped into a stranger's bed for twenty days. Incredible or? Last week, I got a call from this orgy organization - you read the blog a few weeks ago - and I rejected their offer. I do not know why. I loved this idea and group but currently .... just no. Everything is so weired (do not be afraid ... not pregnant ;-)).

I am thinking a lot currently and my job is a lot of fun currently.

Dreaming about getting knocked up?

I had a strange dream tonight. That strange that I am scared. I dreamed that I was knocked up by my escort couple's guy. That I carry a child for them. She told me yesterday that she is unable to bear childs. I am a bit scared. His sperm is in my pussy every time we fuck. Every time and usually I do not bother with cleaning but instead trusting my panties. I am happy that I am on the pill which defend that arc-nemesis of liquid so good.

Nevertheless, on the other side: The way they treat and cover me is excellent. How would they take care the mother of their baby. They would be a perfect couple for that. And honestly, they are rich and currently they get richer each day. She told me that he get ten times the amount of last year by his family company. He would be the perfect husband.

New Year, New Guys

Well, 2009 started how 2008 ended. On Sylvester we had a little orgy. The old flat community came together, including Aron (he is so cute) and Jessica from Vienna. After midnight I wandered through the city and ended in the arms of a doorkeeper I know pretty well. He was a cute fuck.

I counted my fuck partners again and what shall I say: 2008 was a bad bad year .. or should I better say: I was a really bad bad bad bad girl. I fucked 2008 more guys than in my entire live before 2008.

I love playing with numbers. There is another: In few days I will become beautiful 28 years old. I was deflowered with 14. On my birthday. So in a few days I can say that I have sex for a longer period than I have not.