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Party in the alpes

I was picked up at December 25th from my parent's place (or to be exact: 500 m away from it) from my escort couple. She opened the door of the Mercedes and was naked except a fur coat. She laid back and the coat opened. Have I told you that she is beautiful. I jumped in and was naked within a minute. On the backseat we fucked the whole ride to switzerland. He was driving in the snowy night while I did her behind him between her and a second fur coat. When we arrived in the hotel she told me to wear the second fur coat and leave back the cloth I wore. Then she gave me some real cute stilettos and I after I put them on we left the car. When I stood in the lobby together with her we checked ourselves. I asked her how often she has already stand in a lobby close to naked. She smiled, knowingly. I said to her that I can get used to it. And you know what she answered: Good, you know that you wear your christmas present. I felt pussy juice running down my legs. I was naked and fucked fro


Well to make it short. After family meetings and church attenting I went out with some of my friends. As it is the fest of love (at least the priest told so) I later gave love to two of my friends. One as a quicky behind the bar we have been and the other one after he drove me home. But I kicked him out too avoid waking up with him in the morning. Do you think it is appropriate to fuck on Jesus Christ birthday?

Dreaming about the blog

I recently had the idea to visualize my blog. Visualize sense of a comic strip (not naked pics you pervs ;-)). As I am totally helpless in that topic a big request to my small community: I search a comic artist who is interested in doing erotic comics who is interested to get a storyboard (my blog entries + help if necessary) who do not get paid for it (except we will make some money with it ... thinking of a book or so ;-)) who is willing to accept some critic .. do not like to be drawan as a fat girl ;-) I need your help If you know somebody: Ask him If you know good forums to ask: Ask in the forum or give me a link so i can ask If you are an artist yourself: Make a demo (with a blog entry of your choice ... i should be naked in it ... ;-)) and send me Thank you ... I will think of an reward for the guys who help me.

Mask Orgy

Once again, Michael invited me to one of these secret orgies. The mask he gave me was beautiful. I was very horny. Very horny. I wore the skimpiest dress I own and further only the mask and stilletos. No handbag, no credit card, no passport. Nothing. I left everything in Munich and we drove over 300 kilometers to the location. Luckily, nobody can take me my pussy. And she is still a first class ticket home. Unfortunately, I told that to Michael. But later more to that. Well, when you wear a mask ... you loose inhabitions. I was fucked by 15 guys and 8 girls from friday to sunday noon. Do not ask how many had their penis in my mouth. The rules are simple: As a girl you only have one right (regarding sexuality): A condom. But if you are young like me you have another right: Choose any guy you want and get physical with him. There was only one girl who has fucked more than I have: A czech girl of maybe 19. Well, she deserved it. She has a much better body than I have. I found some masked


Have you ever touched a tit which contains lots of plastic. I recently fucked a girl which was totally artificial. She was solarium brown, shaved everywhere, a tattoo on her pubic, piercings on her nipples, her vagina, her stomach and any other body part and finally round tits and lips by plastic. Well when she laid in front of me, naked just covered by the metal she wore, I thought she is the most perfect girl I ever saw. Well done job I thought. I played with her a bit but then I touched her tits: Very ugly feeling. Ever had that: Good looking but when you touch it: Awful. In the end we rubbed our clits against each other but I stopped touching her tits. She was fascinated by my tits which fits hers just without plastic.

Dirty Requests

The couple I have escorts with asked me for a pretty dirty thing: If I can fuck with somebody I trust to get some sperm into my pussy and then let her lick me out. Well, Cerapho was easy to convince to fuck me but managing that sperm in my pussy till she licked it out ... that was difficult. When I left their limousine (the second car of them .... a Mercedes) she told me that shie liked the taste. I smiled and answered: "I will tell Cerapho". And then it got really dirty: "Maybe you can suck him off quickly and give me the cum by a kiss. Well, I thought: "Nice idea" and run into my apartment where Cerapho was laying around. I sucked him off and run down to the street but the car was gone. And then the mobile rang and I saw their number. I opened it and I heard her voice: "Swallow". Bitch.

Pantyless photographed

On thursday I was out with this guy again. I was wearing some small dress and suddenly while we had this nice chat in a lounch area of the club he noticed that i was pantyless as well. I cuddled to him and throw on of my legs over his and just smiled. I kissed him a while and we continued to party. But I teased him every five minutes by showing off my pussy to him. I even let him take some photos in a poor try to return the teasing to me.

Second Date with the guy from the sauna

Remember me writing about the guy from the sauna. Well we had a second date ... okay a date in my apartment with me and him cooking together but a date. I like him because he is well-built and a reasonable guy. He is a bit scared of me regarding my "experiences" but he likes the idea of us both. We would be a nice couple ... I have to commit. He is cool, good looking, nice, cute, and not a bit lazy or so. He is not the only one who is thinking. But for him I would have to change my behavior. He was not very interested in an open relationship or in general a sexual oriented relationship like I have. He is interested in my heart and not in sex. It is amazing, I never thought saying that about a man. Well in the end he said goodbye and was already in the floor before I hold him back physically. He did not get that I want to fuck him in first place. He told me that it really was not his intention to lay me tonight. Well not his but mine ;-). kisses

Californication & Homophobia

Hey Guys, lets talk about your homophobia. I just saw an episode of Californication (a brilliant series ... I like it) in which both male main characters fuck a girl. But before they make rules but at least they do it. I could not say that every guy goes that far. I often get calls like: "Hey Beauty, wanna fuck us." And then they are surprised when I answer: "Both of you, at the same time, no problem". No problem for me. I never got that far with somebody who called me a Beauty. I had quite some threesomes with two guys but they are never guys who shouted around before. Because guys who bark do not bite. I understand that men have problems with cocks but I cannot understand that when a guy fuck me from behind that I could not fellate the other just because they could see each other hardons. I mean I do not expect them to do what they expect if they would have a threesome with two women. Like a bit cumsharing or licking each other or kissing or whatever. I am really