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Split up with Angelica

On Thursday Angelica and me split up. She dropped me a call from her student flat that she ends our relationship. Reasons? She has not said anything real but I think that she liked being a bisexual for a while but that was the curiosity not her nature. I think she also had difficulties to accept that I fuck around that much. And I know that Michael - the Millionaire - is trying to date her.
Three months of relationship with me changed her a lot. She lost her "virginity" in many ways but unfortunately she also changed from deer close to a predater.

Sauna Pickup

I never met somebody by sitting in a sauna. Never. I provoced a lot by showing of my goods in most exposed ways, nevertheless I never chatted with somebody who was checking me out. Anyway, yesterday I laid on a sauna bench with spread legs and had my eyes closed. The sauna and the shower rooms have been empty and I was alone. Well, till I heard steps and somebody entered the sauna. When I opened my eyes: He sat were I expected him ;-). To all the guys who think sauna is just about voyeurism and exhibitionism. Well you check out the other person. You check them out but you do not oggle. You see their body, their beauty, their state of shave, their breast and gender proportions. Nevertheless, it is not about voyeurism. So it was okay, would have done the same if I see a nice cock around. But as we have been alone and he enjoyed the view a bit too long, I asked him if he want to see more. He was shocked and I rubbed my pussy and split up my lips. Well he liked that ... I saw that in his …

No need for coffee

I just had an interesting chat. A guy stated that I need a coffee after a long night with a guy. Well, I answered him how I get my body up in the morning. I do not drink coffee before afternoon. In the morning I usually use my pussy to get my blood in movement. I do not cum, just get me aroused.

I think most girls do not like to get aroused in the morning but I enjoy it actually.

Boring Statistics

Just read my analytics profile on Google Analytics ... wow .. i have loyal readers. And since a few days even an single iPhone reader. Hey iPhone reader: Go ahead ... I love you, please stay a loyal reader. If you have the feeling you are monitored: You are right ... I will continue have an eye on you.

By the way: I got compliments about my blog entries a lot recently but unfortunately only ten hits a day. That is quite a lot if you think that I only post twice a month currently. Nevertheless I encourage everyone of you to recommend this blog or mention it on a comment you make somewhere ;-). It is more exciting if you post for more people. Maybe I write even more often. Do a little advertisment for your little girl.

Oh ... if you thought this blog is about sex statistics and numbers: Read 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, wow ... enough reading the past of this blog ;-)

Being normal ...

Angelica and I met a clique recently. We have been invited to friends of her and she introduced me as her girlfriend. Shocking enough for them so we agreed not talking about our sexuality in general. Especially not mine. So I lied. I lied a lot. With my mouth, with my body and with my heart. Especially my body language is difficult to control. In my private life I am used to reward complements by physical attention like hugging or let them touch me. I do not know but lot of chats are like "You have a cute body!" "Thank you, what you like most?" pressing my tits togehter "uh, um, your ass" turn around and touch it myself "are you sure? wanna touch it?" ... yeah I know ... very cheap ... but that is sometimes me. Normaly the exchange is a bit longer ;-).

Well this time I try to behave: "You have a cute body!" ... the answer is just "Thank you" ... and nothing more. And if they dare me how many lovers I had I will answer: "5…

Introducing my "little" girl to threesomes

Angelica and me had a threesome with Michael last weekend. She promised me a month ago to go with us the full way and she kept it. I saw her not for the first time riding on a cock but this time I was really astonished how cool she was with it. I had long thoughts about it and I think she made a inner move from her shy bavarian village girl to a big city girl. I think she learned that city anonymity is good for hiding your sexuality. She told me after we left Michael that she really enjoyed it and she would do any threesome with me.

I teached her sexual freedom in a crash course and now she enjoyes it. And I am jealous. As you might have seen, I always addressed her as "little girl" in this blog. I maybe thought that I am superiour to her but that is not true. I think in a month or two she will have an own lover. Maybe Michael, maybe somebody else.

Dark Thoughts ;-)