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Dirty, dirty girl

I have to commit something: I have a little trash next to my bed. I mainly use it for knotted condoms and condoms packages. Well I was going to empty it and was shocked. It was nearly filled with full condoms. I made myself the fun and counted them... 46 condoms since I moved into my new flat. I had sex with 20 guys in that timeframe. I am a little dirty girl. Recently I picked up many guys, I think mainly because I feel pretty alone during the weeks. This new flat is so empty and lonely.

My escort couple

The escort couple talked with me if I would be exclusive for them. I agreed but mentioned Pia which is still managing me. Well they paid her off. She called me, that I can do whatever and that our "contract" is over. I was a little bit surprised but she told me that she is okay with it. Must be an impressive sum. Anyway, they asked me if we could drop the condom for some more money and I said yes. Under restrictions. This includes that there is no other person involved ... no lovers for them except me (what is basically their idea in fucking me) and regular tests (which is important to me). The deal is basically meeting him four times the month and going out with both of them twice a month. And that package for a nice price tag.

Why I do this? Not due to the money just that these two are the best sex I currently have. Just the feeling to do whatever they like ... mmmh.

Business tradeshow

The marketing department of our job requested me to join them on a tradeshow (I do not ask why .. stopped asking such questions). They asked me inofficially to wear something sexy. First I got angry for that. I do not like to get treated like a sex object in my business life. I actually enjoy it somehow during my private life but not in my business. But after all it is the marketing department and not my actual boss or co-worker. So I cooled down and jumped into my business dress but exchanged the skirt in favor of a shorter one. I even dropped my underwear ;-).

Anyway, it is fantastic if a marketing guy introduce you to a potential customer and says: "Yes, actually she is from engineering".

About One Night Stands

Yesterday night I was checking my fuck buddy telephone list, threw out some numbers, added new ones. I was kind of shocked.To ease calculation, asume I had 150 ONS (a little more in reality ...): I have less than 10 numbers I am currently able to call from them. The rest is somehow not available: I guess about 2/3 are in a happy relationship where they do not cheat their partners. From the rest I think most are far too shy to call me and I am definately not interested in these group (despite some of them have been great ;-)). Then there is a group who is too long ago and maybe have another lover today. And the rest is on my list. It is awful how much you fuck and how less numbers you get.

Oh ... I got a mail: No do not fear, I still fuck around. Just partially stopped posting about every single new fuck I had. I usually pick up two guys a week currently. So I am still very active.

New pictures

Years ago I started to have sized some nude photos of myself to a 1x1 m picture and decorated the walls of my flat room with them. Recently, I met a photograph (a former ONS) and we did some new photos in my new apartment. I love the new pictures. Black and White, me totally naked, very tasteful and very open minded. In one picture I lay on my bed with my hands between my legs. When my mother will visit me I will have to explain a lot ;-).