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Michael invited me and Angelica to the Oktoberfest. He bought some kind of VIP tickets for a table on a balcony. Well that was a day. We started at 6pm at my place where Angelica saw me first time in my Dirndl. Well I have to say, it is a little bit short. Hers is a classic bavarian dirndl from head to toe, but mine is like: Short skirt, huge cleavage, only a little leather on the sholder. And it is made of lot of leather, not only fabric like hers. She just called it a "Schlampendirndl", which is basically right and especially this year: The dirndl are longer this year. What I did in consequence: Behave like a bitch (Schlampe) and removed my thong ;-).

Anyway, Angelica is getting a good girlfriend. She moved her hand between my legs while we sat on the Oktoberfest, she publically kissed me and she promised having a threesome with Michael. This morning, when I remembered her, she commited to the promise.

Well ... further life happened

mmh ... Adam seems to be no longer interested in me. I asked him ten times for sex but he always rejected. Well, he is no longer on my fuck buddy list. Stupid boy. What is so bad that I want him to fuck me twice a day. Cannot understand why.

But that is not the only problem I have: Leandra has forbidden Cerapho to fuck me. And he is actually doing that. I am pissed. Okay she is a hottie but I was hottier than her when he met her and today I still am.

First I thought about the lost of the two: Nice point organizing my life and getting older. But then after two weeks of flower sex with Angelica and random calls on my fuck buddy lists I finally was so happy to get a call from my new customers. Angelica and these fuck buddies deliverd so horrible sex that I was really pissed. I really enjoyed when he pushed his cock in me. He did that all night when we go out. Every second we have been alone he pulled out his cock and pushed it below my skirt into my pussy. His wife kissed me or took care t…

Angelica .. she finally quit with her boyfriend & Latest Escort News

She finally made her move ... she told her boyfriend that she is with a girl ... me. Well the next day she came to me and we had a hard time together. But she finally get along with it. As my personal celebration I shaved her clean. Her landing strip always reminded me that she belonged to somebody else. Now she belongs to me. Just me. The last week we had great sex every single night. In a few weeks university starts again for her and she will move in to my place. I am really looking forward.

About Escorts .. well .. first Angelica knows about that ... she is not happy but she is okay with it. I continued and I got a nice customer. A young couple with family money. They rent me as their common fuck toy while I play a friend of her during daylight. They are interested in me as a permanent plaything. They talked about renting me two times a month. Well, they obviously liked my shape and honestly I do as well for them. They are in a perfect shape. Sex was awsome.