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Moved out

The flat community days are over. Nikki and Nadja both decided that they need more space for themselves and their jobs so we have to move out to provide space for their offices. Well Nikki was well-prepared. She already searched us homes. Cerapho and Leandra got a nice flat for rent from her and I also got one. My appartment is a nice loft in a modern building. I have glass windows from the roof to the floor on every wall which head outside. Very nice. They are black from the other side so nobody could look inside while I have a great panorama. Around my bath I have created a room by using foulards. The kitchen is fantastic. It has one of this kitchen islands ... I love it. Guess what is in the center of the loft: Yes, my bed. Next to is a tv corner and on the other side my dressing area. Between the kitchen and the tv corner I placed my dinner table. Very nice. And very big. I pay the same amount than with my old flat, just that now I am alone, .....and I have a Doorman ;-). I love N…

Talking about escorting

I was asked if I continued escorting. Well, yes .. and no. I was ordered three further times by the first guy I had and one time by the couple i had sex with. Last month I rejected some offers, but this week, to be exact on monday and wednesday I met another guy. He was one of the worst fucks I ever had. But the envelope changed my opinion. Anytime again. And he came again.

So far i did 5 customers, about 9 escorts. I earned an amount of money which is absolutely incredible. As you know, i am not shy about my pussy. I am sorry, I will continue that by pure profit interest.