Saturday, July 26, 2008

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I posted about my sex list before. Well Cerapho read it, came over and fucked me. Why? I wrote that he is my lover, but unfortunately we had not had sex for quite some time (if you do not count last week). The whole last month I think. It is mainly due to the fact that I appreciate Adam for occasional sex.

When I reconsider last month: I had sex with Adam during my ovolution (thanks god), then with Angelica and ... Cerapho. Three different in one month. Cannot remember when I was last time at that a low count. It is funny. We are currently in a weekend, and I am not event think about picking somebody up. I just look forward to call Angelica (the little girl I am currently in love).

State of my sex life

I got asked whom I currently fuck. Well, there is a nice list:
  • Friends: Cerapho and Raphael especially
  • Adam ... you know why ... the/his sex is best
  • Michael ... my sugar daddy. Not because of the the sugar but the life he brings me but we have not met that often recently.
  • My new girl

Other "opportunities":

  • Escorts I do sometimes (2 per month)
  • Fuck buddy list
  • Vanilla Org
  • Guys from the disco i pickup

But to be honest: As lovers I would only list Cerapho and Adam. I can do them unprotected and they are able to repeat great sex on me. All other guys somehow worn out. This is a serious problem. Most guys are just good for one night, not for more.

And an answer to another popular question: Over 150.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Little girl is back

Little girl was here beginning on friday afternoon till this morning. I undressed her the first moment I had her in our apartment and never let hear wear more than a thong. It was one of my thongs. She commited that she only own two thongs because her mother got very angry when she wore her first. We stayed naked for the rest of the weekend till right now when i write this. We had quite good sex, this time she even made me cum.
On saturday morning she asked me if I am a lesbian or if I am bisexual. Well, I told her more. My whole sexual story. And you - as my loyal reader - know that can take its time. In the end I asked her if she want to go steady with me. It was a fast shot after only few hours of sex but I loved the idea. She did not. She was concerned about her boyfriend and if she can stand it if I have sex with a guy. Well, I had a method to check that ;-). I called Cerapho. But I was far naugthier than she expected. He came into our room and she went purple red. She tried to hide behind me but when Cerapho undressed she stopped it. She just said: Wow, he is big. Cerapho and me laughed. Cerapho is not small but definately not big. I have to introduce her to Adam and Aron one day. Well we started our play. First I suck him off and let him ejaculate in my mouth. Somehow she liked it. Do not ask me what she thought during it, but she massaged my tits and rubbed my clitoris. Well then I fucked him in front of her. Cerapho was wondering why I had applied a condom on his cock but I think he understood me far better than I thought. Well I went cowgirl on him and then picked her to sat on his stomach (which was not that easy to convince her) but she started to play with me and soon forgot him. Well till I gave Cerapho the signal to touch her. I love his hands and in a few seconds I knew that she also did. At first she was shocked when he touched her ass but good roaming hands can reach anything: She started to moan when he massaged her tits. They gave each other french kisses, he played with her clitoris and she went very excited. I loved the view. Well then I moved to her ear and just asked: "Do you want his cock?" At least she did not say no. She was moaning something about her boyfriend but she went silent soon. I let his cock out of my pussy and moved it to her pussy and then just guided him into. I moved her up to kiss me and when I saw her face in this moment of penetration I knew that her two former guys have not been that well - sorry normal - equipped. Well at first she tried to escape once or twice but when we came into rythm and she was enclosed by us she went sexually crazy and cummed more than once. When he blew his load I kicked him out of the room and took a bath with her. She cried a bit and told me that she never wanted to cheat on somebody. But that bad thoughts moved quickly away when I asked her if at least she liked it. The hell she did.
Well on saturday night we went dancing and had some fun. This morning she drove back and let me alone again. She told me that she will quit with her boyfriend by SMS.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cerapho sent me a link ... i have to blog about

Like some of my loyal reader may now, Cerapho has been at the army for military service. Today he sent me the following link:

And added that line

"What have I done wrong during my service"

And he sent me another link for my lesbian heart: