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Going out and get more than you want

Yesterday night was ... interesting. As Cerapho is not here right now, Leandra obviously needed sex. She came over to me and asked if we can go out. I was astonished, as she normally does not have sex outside of our little flat. She is very much in Cerapho and I think they will both move out and stay with themselves. Anyway, she was in the mood to fuck somebody else.

So we went out and she soon found a guy and we thought about having a threesome. But then he introduced us to his ex-girlfriend who was alone here except him. Well when I saw her it was clear to me: I have to get her pants down and fuck her. Well I let Leandra her guy and offered to them that I can take "care" of her. Leandra left with the guy and we went in a lounge zone and started to talk.

She is blond, 23 years old, currently is with her second boyfriend, lives in a small town in allgaeu, is an active turner and she has this beautiful bavarian accent I adore that much. Have I mentioned that she is hot? Very ho…

I am getting used to them

Finally, I got used to my piercings. I can control my sexual demands again. It is not the was that I cannot get off by them ... no totally opposite ... better than ever ... but I could walk up some stairs without having troubles afterwards ;-) .... if I want that ;-)

And that is important. I am concentrated for far longer timespans for work .... and I have days without sex ... and that is good. Maybe the reason is that I am pretty busy with my job right now.

Birthday fucks vs. Ovulation

I do not know what's about birthday parties. I usually get drunked and have sex with strangers. My little sister Kathrin got twenty a few days ago. And what have I done on her party: Seduced two of her former classmates to have a threesome with me. On Aron's party in Vienna I had sex with an Austrian, Aron, Jessica, and a girl from Hungary (by the way: I gave my annual party strip to Aron). A few days later on Adam's birthday: Adult variant of spin the bottle. One guy anally and one girl orally. And later a threesome with the girl and Adam. I am literally a party slut.

On the other hand my ovulations are similar: I made an arrangement with Adam that he will be present on the first two days of my ovulations from right after work till midnight. That is just to ensure that I do not do stupid things. And as a minor advantage: When I feel this cock when it penetrates me ... I instantly cum. Adam doing me doggy style: A present of nature to me