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Friday night ... alone

Yesterday night I went home alone and was unfucked. I cannot remember when that happened last time. The guys have been just too stupid all-together.

I will call somebody today ... that's the reason fuck-buddies are for.

Suck off cocks

On wednesday I talked with a co-worker of mine - a secretary of the department I work for. We went out for and had some fun in a lounge. We sat in a corner and suddenly we got the topic: Blowjobs. She told me that she gave her new boyfriend the first blowjob in her entirely life (24yo). I once again wonder if I and my environment are perverts. Perverts in sense of an abnormal behavior. As I posted before ... I love blowjobs, I do blowjobs with nearly everyone and everywhere, I swallow and I am experienced, I use them in foreplay and in addition to the fact that it is sexually pleasent to me I use them as rewards. Guys who reject blowjobs - I had one of this stupid perverts - are not an option for me. Sucking of is important to me.

To her this is just a big miracle how somebody could enjoy blowjobs. I adviced her to train herself a bit and do it regularly on the guy. Hope it will work for her.


I have to apologize for not posting that long. I have a job again. Software Engineer at a big company. That does not interest you? Well that is the reason why I post that less. On the other hand, nothing special happened the last weeks. I had two crazy escort jobs. One guy was gay (or bisexual) but has to show his parents that he is hetero. Well, we did our best to scream the hell out of us while having a slow ride in his childhood bed. He was really funny. He was just not interested in my pussy. We had sex but just to make noises with the bed. I wonder myself why he had not asked a friend for that favor. The other guy asked me for a threesome with his wife. That was cool. Both in their fourties and pretty open. They promised to order me again.

Recently I shared lot of time with Leandra and Cerapho. Leandra is currently very bisexual and she adores me. It is funny because within this three-way relationship there is a strange order: Cerapho and Leandra love each other, Cerapho is a guy …