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32 first vs. 32 recent

I was asked in my comments if my first 32 guys have been better than the 32 this year? Well, no. In my youth I sucked many guys .. far more than 32. But these guys I did not count. My first 32 guys I had full sexual intercourse with were totally different. I fucked many I still know today and many who I was really interested in. I already did some one night stand then but I was not used to them.

Today is different. I am single, I have a very intensive clitoris piercing and I know what I can do with guys. I lost any inhabition and act like my pussy dictate it. It is far more freedom. And the result is plain sex. Nothing else. I have sex without any strings attached. And that is something I really love right now.

An full sized orgy

On last saturday I participated at a party at a wellness location in austria. Michael took me there. At this place there are not many rules: From the moment you leave your car you have to wear masks and you get naked. Totally naked. And from 9 pm on you just do one thing: Fuck whoever you like. Just do it. There have been about 100 people I think, a normal 50:50 ratio. The amazing thing: The ugly ones have not been the fat ones but the people where you see that they have been operated. Well, unfortunately most of the women. I was laid 12 times by totally stranger guys. 12 times. I will never again have so many guys in one night. Never. Later, Michael and me lay in our private hotel room we just checked our genders. We have been that sore. But we drove home before sunday morning.

Wearing a mask while doing it with a stranger was really cool. It is so easy.

Secret organizations

Well ... you may never heard of them. But there are so many secret organizations regarding sex. I participate in three of them. The Caram'mar is the most open one I am a member of. That's an order and pretty easy to join and leave. Next week I will visit an organization which is a swinger club for the wealthy people. Including a mask ball. I currently imagine it like the thing in Eyes Wide Shot. Join only by money and only as long as you are one of them. But the most recent organization I got into is the "Vanilla". Vanilla is simple. You call your mentor and ask for a date. What you get: Vanilla sex with a perfect guy. The rules are simple: Never tell about it, never say your date your name and never let it become love. Just sex and kissing. I love it. How to become member: Be asked by them. You are asked when you are looking perfect (hhm) for both, males and females. I fucked three guys from them so far. The guy from last sunday and a guy today during his lunchbreak…

Had a real good lay tonight

You remember Aron ... I enjoyed him due to his perfect breast. His perfect body. Well recently the body I enjoyed most was Adam. Not due to his perfect shape but his penis. Tonight I fucked a guy with a normal penis but a perfect shape. I still dream from him.

A MMMF ;-)

A old fuck buddy called me yesterday. We met at a bar and soon enough I met two of his friends. He told them that we had good fun in bed and soon enough they asked me for a foursome. In the beginning they asked me about sucking them all after each other without swallowing the sperm. Having more than one load in my mouth is interesting. Especially you cannot swallow it at once. That was pretty naughty. Unfortunately, naughty is not the term I would describe the sex afterwards. Just vanilla sex. They did not managed to take me in a sandwich nor some other kind of double penetration.