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I met a priest

On last Tuesday I met a priest. A young catholic priest. I was in a coffee shop and I was horny. I saw this hot stud and thought: That's mine. But the hell, when I asked him if I can sit to him ... he told me that he is a priest. Well, I sat myself anyway. My comment was: Wow. After that we chatted for two hours. He is a year older than me but he was very wise and intellectual. I was really impressed. As we talked a lot about me being that sex crazy bitch I am but he did not even get red. I was impressed. He was totally cool about it. I asked him why .... and he told me that he had a girlfriend for years before he entered the priest seminar.

We exchanged numbers and I think next week I will meet him again.

Getting paid again

Í did the bad thing again. Pia told me last thursday that her customer I escorted recently was asking for me. Well. I said yes and met him yesterday evening. Four hours date and then half an hour sex. That's all. You pick up a letter with money in it and leave him after breakfast.

The real bad thing: Currently I am pretty comfortable. Not like last time when I was sad all day. This time it is like .. that was fun. No moral attached.

I was fired

I was kicked out of my job. The reason: Unappropriate behavior with customers. Well ... the reason is valid and I am certainly guilty. I have to live with it. Anyway, I played my cards and instantly blamed the reason - the millionaire - for me getting fired. Well, now he is paying my life's costs. Worked well, I think. His only condition: That he can show me around as his lover at some parties and dinners. Well being shown around in expensive dresses ... well ... I can do that ;-).

There is just one nagging thing in this plan: The question if I want to make career in my job or if I want a life as a marriaged woman. This engagement offer from the millionaire I got weeks ago is still open he said. Marriage in with a well-situated man is - I think - the classic dream of every women. And a pretty old dream compared to the career dream.

Found a photo

A found a classicphotoat a commode. A photoofmybackwith a male handwhichisenclosingmyass. Youknowthisgrabwiththeirfingersnexttoyourpussy. Whatshall I say: He hadhishandthereand I lethimonthatphoto. Itisquitepossiblethat i fuckedhimafterwards .... thethingis just: I havenofuckingideawhoistheownerofthathand ;-).

... some got curious

I got some mails how i feel now and if I can add some comments to my last blog. Well, it is better by now. It was not forced so I have to take it. It was stupid of me doing it, but I am human so I am humble. I hopefully will never do it again. I have experienced it and it left such a bad taste, that this topic is done like a bad lover.

Thanks for your mails.