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Feeling dirty

I feel pretty bad today. Yesterday I did something for money I usually do for free. It was easy, it was quick and I had no problems with it. At least yesterday. Today at work I felt that dirty that I had to go home. I had quite some times where I got money (see 1, 2 and definately 3) but never explicitely on demand. Last year I thought I would have to try it but I was wrong then. And in addition to these thoughts there was Josephine Link my SecondLife avatar who earns her virtual money with her virtual body whenever she is broke again. Perhaps this game also reduced my reluctance to such a behavior.

You may ask: What is your problem? You did so many? It is not about the stupid act. It is about me having done it. The guy was fun. That is the problem. That it was fun and the fact that if I would not be a high-paid IT professional I properly would have earned my money that way during the study. It is just the moral which keep me away from it.

And if I am honest ... to certain guys I behave…

Unholy events

What shall I say: A biblical tragedy happens. My dear ex boyfriend Raphael (I extra named him after an Archangel here in the blog) was the reason why Adam and Eve (these gorgeous couple with this perfect male) split up. Raphael and Eve announced Adam last weekend, that from now on they are a couple and are no longer willingly to share themselves with others (US!!!!).

Adam was extremely unhappy about it and blame me for it. He is definately right with it but what can I do? They accepted us (Raphael and me) in their (Adam and Eve) bed and we (Adam and me) let the both flirt while we got physical. It took me a lot of time to cool him down towards me.

Currently I am thinking about approaching Adam as my new boyfriend. Unfortunately, sexually he is interesting, but regarding the rest of the life he is pretty boring. Another idea is to search a girlfriend for me and keep him as a fuck buddy.

Josephine in Thougts ;-)

Girl, 27yo

I should make a contact announce:
I am 27 years female, well-endowed, slender and genital pierced. I am in search for a well-equipped young man or woman, which are happy to life with a open-minded, nymphomanic, sex-crazy but definately cheating girl. If you are looking good, sex is included in first date and afterwards. You can sexually test me as long as you want.
Just a joke.

Sex with the ex ....

God build me stupid. The last two weeks I freaked out a bit and had some one night stands, had some booty calls and molested Cerapho and the girls for sex. It was all pretty cool and funny but then I had sex with my recent ex-boyfriend. The best sex for weeks. Do not know how stupid I was that I did not ask him to marry me instead broking up. You have to contract such a talent ;-). I had sex with most of my ex boy- or girlfriends ... but it was never that good.

Stupid girl.