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The piercing … the status

I was asked about the piercing: Well it is in pretty good constitution. I was not that protective to it than I should, as a beach holiday is not exactly the brightest thing with a fresh clit piercing. But it made no trouble at all and looks pretty good. The officially healing phase is nearly over and currently I feel pretty good with it.
Well, and sexually it is the best thing I ever did. Most of the rumors are true. Masturbation now is a matter of one or two minutes. Sex is really awesome despite I have to say, that the triangle is still not bad either on that front. But the interesting thing is not the sex but the daily life: A tight jeans drives you totally crazy. When you have naughty thoughts you can get off by walking. Dancing is extreme. At a crowded club I danced myself an orgasm. It was awesome. On the other hand are skirts and strings a working alternative. It is not that irritate as a jeans only when you go commando then you have a problem again. Naughty thoughts are bad for you. And to confirm another rumor: Yes, stairs are difficult. If you are aroused before or not, afterwards you are. Naked, with a skirt or jeans. Does not matter.My second piercing the triangle got a new jewelry. A slightly bigger barbell. I love the triangle very much. It is so … female. It is hidden, secretly behind the clit that your partner does not get it if he does not go down on you. The clit ring instead is male. It is accessibly, direct and intensive. The sole purpose of that thing is to stimulate my female clit. That is all. Okay, it is also a nice jewelry but the primary function is arousal.


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My ass

Today I have to tell you two stories about my add and one about my piercings.

Maybe some of you remember. I earned once money with my ass. Literally! I did a modelling job with focus on my ass. On Friday the photographer called again and asked if I am still in business. But I declined. Modelling is a nice ego trip but too much work for too less income.
The second story with my ass happened on Monday. As it was a public holiday a group of friends and me went to the alps for a hike. On the way back the train was crowded and we had six places for seven people. I told the two single guys to let me sit in between or on their lap. It was funny and we made some fun about it. When you remember the last girl you had no sex with sitting on your lap. I told them that I do not care as long as they do not expect something. It was fun.

The piercing story is easy. I gave a party and I had to change my dress. And I forgot that someone could stand on my roof deck while me changing. When I came back he…

Fucking April

Remember Bina? Well, we had Sex, more than once. We had a threesome with my boyfriend. I could not believe it. It was so hot to suck his balls and then lick her tribal strip ( .... now think what a tribal strip is ... read one of my first posts of Bina). Now every ONS we have, we fuck together, my boyfriend just fuck whoever is next to him. We fool around before I go to work and when we come back. She is such a cool fuck and what a body .... welcome to April Fools' Day.

The luck is with me

I found a guy for my life. Finally. I was introduced to  him by the couple which I was escorting a while ago. He is a German business guy who works in London. He is 35 years old, handsome, tall, and has a great sense of humor. He is rich (;-)) and was just divorced from a Russian model. He is too perfect.
And when it comes to the sack it is even better. His cock is the most beautiful I can remember (at least that is my current opinion), he is well equipped (having the 20cm x 6cm I always love to have) and is a  totally amazing fuck. We are together now for three weekend and most of the time we not spent in restaurant we are in my bed. And that is how it should be.
We already have done the talk about our sexual freedoms. We agreed that we have the liberty to meet other people for sexual fun (he has an affair in London and you should know me by now). I just require him to always wear a condom with other girls. We will do an HIV test so we can get rid of the plastic soon.

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