Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I broke with Raphael

Last weekend I broke up with Raphael. I do not know why he is able to take it that easy but I think he is okay with it. I am not. Remember, I broke up with him. I have cried sunday night till now more or less the whole time either in my heart or with my tears. Typical girl, emotional and totally insane some would say but I cannot help. Anyway, I am ready to write now, so it is getting better.

Why I broke up. No! It is not the sex. It is totally awsome both physical and emotional. He is still the one with the perfect sex and the perfect sex mechanics for me and sex is still fantastic every single time. But what is no longer okay is the romance. There is not a piece of love anymore. We are together because our life style and our sex dictates it and not because we want to share more time with each other. We do not talk about each others life anymore and the reasons why we see each other is mainly due to his ... better ... my sexual drive. Which let me to one simple question: Why do I call him my boyfriend. There are many good lovers out there but a boyfriend should also be a soul-mate. No longer given with Raphael.

Anyway. I have made the conclusion to stay single and reject any offer I currently have (including the millionaire). Perhaps I will search myself a girlfriend and not a boyfriend. We will see.

Thank you for listening to me.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The piercing … the status

I was asked about the piercing: Well it is in pretty good constitution. I was not that protective to it than I should, as a beach holiday is not exactly the brightest thing with a fresh clit piercing. But it made no trouble at all and looks pretty good. The officially healing phase is nearly over and currently I feel pretty good with it.
Well, and sexually it is the best thing I ever did. Most of the rumors are true. Masturbation now is a matter of one or two minutes. Sex is really awesome despite I have to say, that the triangle is still not bad either on that front. But the interesting thing is not the sex but the daily life: A tight jeans drives you totally crazy. When you have naughty thoughts you can get off by walking. Dancing is extreme. At a crowded club I danced myself an orgasm. It was awesome. On the other hand are skirts and strings a working alternative. It is not that irritate as a jeans only when you go commando then you have a problem again. Naughty thoughts are bad for you. And to confirm another rumor: Yes, stairs are difficult. If you are aroused before or not, afterwards you are. Naked, with a skirt or jeans. Does not matter.My second piercing the triangle got a new jewelry. A slightly bigger barbell. I love the triangle very much. It is so … female. It is hidden, secretly behind the clit that your partner does not get it if he does not go down on you. The clit ring instead is male. It is accessibly, direct and intensive. The sole purpose of that thing is to stimulate my female clit. That is all. Okay, it is also a nice jewelry but the primary function is arousal.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Never trust a job offer in the Caribbean

You remember my last post about this millionaire? What happened on Monday after this remarkable Sunday was surreal. It was early afternoon when I got a call from my boss. He sent me to a business near the Munich city center for an unspecified job. And guess who I met there as my customer: My millionaire. Let us call him Michael. He saved us some time by saying his secretary that we do not want to be disturbed for an hour and then … no surprise … we had sex. He booked me for two weeks and he booked a spot in a resort in the Caribbean. He booked a flight at 18:00. It was about 15:00.
Anyway, a day later I had sex on the beach. It was a really cool spot. It was a private location with an empty 12 kilometer long beach. The resort was a quiet, very exclusive spot where nobody is disturbing you. The other guests of the resort are similar to us in age and look. On this island nobody was ugly or not wealthy. But some had bad manners.
Well I liked it. And I really liked and enjoyed him. He is a nice guy and took us girls like we should be taken. He is always funny, always happy and always ready for more. Sexually, he is neither well equipped nor talented like others I have fucked but he is experienced. Very experienced. Like me he has a folder (that was kinky to know) and his has over four hundred sheets. He is now 30 and made his money with 23 during the dot com bubble. Seven years …. That is not much in my opinion. And he tricked me into his bed in a McDonald’s. It is easy calc. 400 by seven is about 60 per year. A bit more than one by week. And in the last two weeks he had me, a service girl and a daughter of other guests. We both are that much compatible … I love him.
Yesterday, on our flight back he made me an offer to go steady with him. He knew about Raphael and all my habits but he still did. He told me, that I was the first girl for years he took in his bed a second time and that he really enjoyed our time next to each other. I said him that I have to think about it.
Now I am in my bed thinking about it. When I come home I caught Raphael with Eve in my bed. I helped them by sucking his balls, but at the same time I knew: Raphael is out. Not because he fucked Eve, but because he has her in his hands and that between us, there is just sex. When he asked me afterwards about the business trip I lied to him. For the first time.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Meeting a self-made millionaire

We met at the most stupid place I could think of: The McDonald restaurant at Munich’s Stachus. I sat there, eating my 2008 McDonald lunch (one per year ;-)). The restaurant was crowdy so he was forced to sit next to me. I am used to that: Next to me is always the first gap which is filled when filling is necessary. Result of well-shaped tits I can say. After a few minutes he asked me for a tissue and in that second I heard his voice my pussy made a jump. It was like an order from her: Fuck him. It is my most beautiful feeling. I really like it. It is his voice. I opened two further buttons of my blouse before I gave it to him. I could not open my mouth. It was like … I am suddenly shy. I asked him to let me out for the restrooms. Laaaaammmmmeeee. I was so ashamed. When I checked myself in the mirror … I forced myself. I went back to our seats and bent over to my bag and gave him a decent insight into my cleavage. I do not know if he saw my nipples or not, does not matter. I gave him enough. He threw his burger on his tablet and asked me:
“Hey, how are you doing?” … “Hope you do not mind but such a beautiful girl I have to take out into a better restaurant.”I was too fast in saying yes. Far too fast. Anyway. He invited me to a noble Argentinean restaurant in Munich and later we hang out and drank something. He was not shy at all. His hand was soon placed on my leg next to my pussy. He must have felt the heat radiated from her. It was an experienced grip. Not like “Wow I got my hand on her leg” but like “Let’s test how ready she is”. I discovered that he was really rich when he took me in his car. A Jaguar. He fucked me in his villa next to the Starnberger Sea. Later he told me that he is a self-made millionaire and got his money from software. We even started to have a small tech chat about something he did. It was an amazing day.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Silvester Party

Mmh. How did you enter the New Year? I did like I should: By an orgasm. We partied in our flat. All flat mates together. We had a nice dinner, played some games (no strip games … ;-)) and during midnight we entered the flat’s roof-deck. It was really funny: When we prepared for the champagne (we had one) Raphael pushed a hand in my trouser and rubbed my sensitive clit ring. I came before, during and after midnight. Very degrading I can tell. After that the lesbians started our own fireworks, Leandra and I got our New Year’s fuck. A good start in the next year of your life.