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Party in the alpes

I was picked up at December 25th from my parent's place (or to be exact: 500 m away from it) from my escort couple. She opened the door of the Mercedes and was naked except a fur coat. She laid back and the coat opened. Have I told you that she is beautiful. I jumped in and was naked within a minute. On the backseat we fucked the whole ride to switzerland. He was driving in the snowy night while I did her behind him between her and a second fur coat. When we arrived in the hotel she told me to wear the second fur coat and leave back the cloth I wore. Then she gave me some real cute stilettos and I after I put them on we left the car. When I stood in the lobby together with her we checked ourselves. I asked her how often she has already stand in a lobby close to naked. She smiled, knowingly. I said to her that I can get used to it. And you know what she answered: Good, you know that you wear your christmas present. I felt pussy juice running down my legs.

I was naked and fucked from…


Well to make it short. After family meetings and church attenting I went out with some of my friends. As it is the fest of love (at least the priest told so) I later gave love to two of my friends. One as a quicky behind the bar we have been and the other one after he drove me home. But I kicked him out too avoid waking up with him in the morning.

Do you think it is appropriate to fuck on Jesus Christ birthday?

Dreaming about the blog

I recently had the idea to visualize my blog. Visualize sense of a comic strip (not naked pics you pervs ;-)). As I am totally helpless in that topic a big request to my small community:

I search a comic artist
who is interested in doing erotic comicswho is interested to get a storyboard (my blog entries + help if necessary)who do not get paid for it (except we will make some money with it ... thinking of a book or so ;-))who is willing to accept some critic .. do not like to be drawan as a fat girl ;-)I need your helpIf you know somebody: Ask himIf you know good forums to ask: Ask in the forum or give me a link so i can askIf you are an artist yourself: Make a demo (with a blog entry of your choice ... i should be naked in it ... ;-)) and send meThank you ... I will think of an reward for the guys who help me.

Mask Orgy

Once again, Michael invited me to one of these secret orgies. The mask he gave me was beautiful. I was very horny. Very horny. I wore the skimpiest dress I own and further only the mask and stilletos. No handbag, no credit card, no passport. Nothing. I left everything in Munich and we drove over 300 kilometers to the location. Luckily, nobody can take me my pussy. And she is still a first class ticket home. Unfortunately, I told that to Michael. But later more to that.

Well, when you wear a mask ... you loose inhabitions. I was fucked by 15 guys and 8 girls from friday to sunday noon. Do not ask how many had their penis in my mouth. The rules are simple: As a girl you only have one right (regarding sexuality): A condom. But if you are young like me you have another right: Choose any guy you want and get physical with him. There was only one girl who has fucked more than I have: A czech girl of maybe 19. Well, she deserved it. She has a much better body than I have. I found some masked …


Have you ever touched a tit which contains lots of plastic. I recently fucked a girl which was totally artificial. She was solarium brown, shaved everywhere, a tattoo on her pubic, piercings on her nipples, her vagina, her stomach and any other body part and finally round tits and lips by plastic. Well when she laid in front of me, naked just covered by the metal she wore, I thought she is the most perfect girl I ever saw. Well done job I thought. I played with her a bit but then I touched her tits: Very ugly feeling. Ever had that: Good looking but when you touch it: Awful.

In the end we rubbed our clits against each other but I stopped touching her tits. She was fascinated by my tits which fits hers just without plastic.

Dirty Requests

The couple I have escorts with asked me for a pretty dirty thing: If I can fuck with somebody I trust to get some sperm into my pussy and then let her lick me out.

Well, Cerapho was easy to convince to fuck me but managing that sperm in my pussy till she licked it out ... that was difficult. When I left their limousine (the second car of them .... a Mercedes) she told me that shie liked the taste. I smiled and answered: "I will tell Cerapho". And then it got really dirty: "Maybe you can suck him off quickly and give me the cum by a kiss. Well, I thought: "Nice idea" and run into my apartment where Cerapho was laying around. I sucked him off and run down to the street but the car was gone. And then the mobile rang and I saw their number. I opened it and I heard her voice: "Swallow".


Pantyless photographed

On thursday I was out with this guy again. I was wearing some small dress and suddenly while we had this nice chat in a lounch area of the club he noticed that i was pantyless as well. I cuddled to him and throw on of my legs over his and just smiled. I kissed him a while and we continued to party. But I teased him every five minutes by showing off my pussy to him. I even let him take some photos in a poor try to return the teasing to me.

Second Date with the guy from the sauna

Remember me writing about the guy from the sauna. Well we had a second date ... okay a date in my apartment with me and him cooking together but a date. I like him because he is well-built and a reasonable guy. He is a bit scared of me regarding my "experiences" but he likes the idea of us both. We would be a nice couple ... I have to commit. He is cool, good looking, nice, cute, and not a bit lazy or so. He is not the only one who is thinking. But for him I would have to change my behavior. He was not very interested in an open relationship or in general a sexual oriented relationship like I have. He is interested in my heart and not in sex. It is amazing, I never thought saying that about a man.

Well in the end he said goodbye and was already in the floor before I hold him back physically. He did not get that I want to fuck him in first place. He told me that it really was not his intention to lay me tonight. Well not his but mine ;-).


Californication & Homophobia

Hey Guys, lets talk about your homophobia. I just saw an episode of Californication (a brilliant series ... I like it) in which both male main characters fuck a girl. But before they make rules but at least they do it. I could not say that every guy goes that far. I often get calls like: "Hey Beauty, wanna fuck us." And then they are surprised when I answer: "Both of you, at the same time, no problem". No problem for me. I never got that far with somebody who called me a Beauty. I had quite some threesomes with two guys but they are never guys who shouted around before. Because guys who bark do not bite. I understand that men have problems with cocks but I cannot understand that when a guy fuck me from behind that I could not fellate the other just because they could see each other hardons. I mean I do not expect them to do what they expect if they would have a threesome with two women. Like a bit cumsharing or licking each other or kissing or whatever.

I am really …

Split up with Angelica

On Thursday Angelica and me split up. She dropped me a call from her student flat that she ends our relationship. Reasons? She has not said anything real but I think that she liked being a bisexual for a while but that was the curiosity not her nature. I think she also had difficulties to accept that I fuck around that much. And I know that Michael - the Millionaire - is trying to date her.
Three months of relationship with me changed her a lot. She lost her "virginity" in many ways but unfortunately she also changed from deer close to a predater.

Sauna Pickup

I never met somebody by sitting in a sauna. Never. I provoced a lot by showing of my goods in most exposed ways, nevertheless I never chatted with somebody who was checking me out. Anyway, yesterday I laid on a sauna bench with spread legs and had my eyes closed. The sauna and the shower rooms have been empty and I was alone. Well, till I heard steps and somebody entered the sauna. When I opened my eyes: He sat were I expected him ;-). To all the guys who think sauna is just about voyeurism and exhibitionism. Well you check out the other person. You check them out but you do not oggle. You see their body, their beauty, their state of shave, their breast and gender proportions. Nevertheless, it is not about voyeurism. So it was okay, would have done the same if I see a nice cock around. But as we have been alone and he enjoyed the view a bit too long, I asked him if he want to see more. He was shocked and I rubbed my pussy and split up my lips. Well he liked that ... I saw that in his …

No need for coffee

I just had an interesting chat. A guy stated that I need a coffee after a long night with a guy. Well, I answered him how I get my body up in the morning. I do not drink coffee before afternoon. In the morning I usually use my pussy to get my blood in movement. I do not cum, just get me aroused.

I think most girls do not like to get aroused in the morning but I enjoy it actually.

Boring Statistics

Just read my analytics profile on Google Analytics ... wow .. i have loyal readers. And since a few days even an single iPhone reader. Hey iPhone reader: Go ahead ... I love you, please stay a loyal reader. If you have the feeling you are monitored: You are right ... I will continue have an eye on you.

By the way: I got compliments about my blog entries a lot recently but unfortunately only ten hits a day. That is quite a lot if you think that I only post twice a month currently. Nevertheless I encourage everyone of you to recommend this blog or mention it on a comment you make somewhere ;-). It is more exciting if you post for more people. Maybe I write even more often. Do a little advertisment for your little girl.

Oh ... if you thought this blog is about sex statistics and numbers: Read 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, wow ... enough reading the past of this blog ;-)

Being normal ...

Angelica and I met a clique recently. We have been invited to friends of her and she introduced me as her girlfriend. Shocking enough for them so we agreed not talking about our sexuality in general. Especially not mine. So I lied. I lied a lot. With my mouth, with my body and with my heart. Especially my body language is difficult to control. In my private life I am used to reward complements by physical attention like hugging or let them touch me. I do not know but lot of chats are like "You have a cute body!" "Thank you, what you like most?" pressing my tits togehter "uh, um, your ass" turn around and touch it myself "are you sure? wanna touch it?" ... yeah I know ... very cheap ... but that is sometimes me. Normaly the exchange is a bit longer ;-).

Well this time I try to behave: "You have a cute body!" ... the answer is just "Thank you" ... and nothing more. And if they dare me how many lovers I had I will answer: "5…

Introducing my "little" girl to threesomes

Angelica and me had a threesome with Michael last weekend. She promised me a month ago to go with us the full way and she kept it. I saw her not for the first time riding on a cock but this time I was really astonished how cool she was with it. I had long thoughts about it and I think she made a inner move from her shy bavarian village girl to a big city girl. I think she learned that city anonymity is good for hiding your sexuality. She told me after we left Michael that she really enjoyed it and she would do any threesome with me.

I teached her sexual freedom in a crash course and now she enjoyes it. And I am jealous. As you might have seen, I always addressed her as "little girl" in this blog. I maybe thought that I am superiour to her but that is not true. I think in a month or two she will have an own lover. Maybe Michael, maybe somebody else.

Dark Thoughts ;-)

Dirty, dirty girl

I have to commit something: I have a little trash next to my bed. I mainly use it for knotted condoms and condoms packages. Well I was going to empty it and was shocked. It was nearly filled with full condoms. I made myself the fun and counted them... 46 condoms since I moved into my new flat. I had sex with 20 guys in that timeframe. I am a little dirty girl. Recently I picked up many guys, I think mainly because I feel pretty alone during the weeks. This new flat is so empty and lonely.

My escort couple

The escort couple talked with me if I would be exclusive for them. I agreed but mentioned Pia which is still managing me. Well they paid her off. She called me, that I can do whatever and that our "contract" is over. I was a little bit surprised but she told me that she is okay with it. Must be an impressive sum. Anyway, they asked me if we could drop the condom for some more money and I said yes. Under restrictions. This includes that there is no other person involved ... no lovers for them except me (what is basically their idea in fucking me) and regular tests (which is important to me). The deal is basically meeting him four times the month and going out with both of them twice a month. And that package for a nice price tag.

Why I do this? Not due to the money just that these two are the best sex I currently have. Just the feeling to do whatever they like ... mmmh.

Business tradeshow

The marketing department of our job requested me to join them on a tradeshow (I do not ask why .. stopped asking such questions). They asked me inofficially to wear something sexy. First I got angry for that. I do not like to get treated like a sex object in my business life. I actually enjoy it somehow during my private life but not in my business. But after all it is the marketing department and not my actual boss or co-worker. So I cooled down and jumped into my business dress but exchanged the skirt in favor of a shorter one. I even dropped my underwear ;-).

Anyway, it is fantastic if a marketing guy introduce you to a potential customer and says: "Yes, actually she is from engineering".

About One Night Stands

Yesterday night I was checking my fuck buddy telephone list, threw out some numbers, added new ones. I was kind of shocked.To ease calculation, asume I had 150 ONS (a little more in reality ...): I have less than 10 numbers I am currently able to call from them. The rest is somehow not available: I guess about 2/3 are in a happy relationship where they do not cheat their partners. From the rest I think most are far too shy to call me and I am definately not interested in these group (despite some of them have been great ;-)). Then there is a group who is too long ago and maybe have another lover today. And the rest is on my list. It is awful how much you fuck and how less numbers you get.

Oh ... I got a mail: No do not fear, I still fuck around. Just partially stopped posting about every single new fuck I had. I usually pick up two guys a week currently. So I am still very active.

New pictures

Years ago I started to have sized some nude photos of myself to a 1x1 m picture and decorated the walls of my flat room with them. Recently, I met a photograph (a former ONS) and we did some new photos in my new apartment. I love the new pictures. Black and White, me totally naked, very tasteful and very open minded. In one picture I lay on my bed with my hands between my legs. When my mother will visit me I will have to explain a lot ;-).


Michael invited me and Angelica to the Oktoberfest. He bought some kind of VIP tickets for a table on a balcony. Well that was a day. We started at 6pm at my place where Angelica saw me first time in my Dirndl. Well I have to say, it is a little bit short. Hers is a classic bavarian dirndl from head to toe, but mine is like: Short skirt, huge cleavage, only a little leather on the sholder. And it is made of lot of leather, not only fabric like hers. She just called it a "Schlampendirndl", which is basically right and especially this year: The dirndl are longer this year. What I did in consequence: Behave like a bitch (Schlampe) and removed my thong ;-).

Anyway, Angelica is getting a good girlfriend. She moved her hand between my legs while we sat on the Oktoberfest, she publically kissed me and she promised having a threesome with Michael. This morning, when I remembered her, she commited to the promise.

Well ... further life happened

mmh ... Adam seems to be no longer interested in me. I asked him ten times for sex but he always rejected. Well, he is no longer on my fuck buddy list. Stupid boy. What is so bad that I want him to fuck me twice a day. Cannot understand why.

But that is not the only problem I have: Leandra has forbidden Cerapho to fuck me. And he is actually doing that. I am pissed. Okay she is a hottie but I was hottier than her when he met her and today I still am.

First I thought about the lost of the two: Nice point organizing my life and getting older. But then after two weeks of flower sex with Angelica and random calls on my fuck buddy lists I finally was so happy to get a call from my new customers. Angelica and these fuck buddies deliverd so horrible sex that I was really pissed. I really enjoyed when he pushed his cock in me. He did that all night when we go out. Every second we have been alone he pulled out his cock and pushed it below my skirt into my pussy. His wife kissed me or took care t…

Angelica .. she finally quit with her boyfriend & Latest Escort News

She finally made her move ... she told her boyfriend that she is with a girl ... me. Well the next day she came to me and we had a hard time together. But she finally get along with it. As my personal celebration I shaved her clean. Her landing strip always reminded me that she belonged to somebody else. Now she belongs to me. Just me. The last week we had great sex every single night. In a few weeks university starts again for her and she will move in to my place. I am really looking forward.

About Escorts .. well .. first Angelica knows about that ... she is not happy but she is okay with it. I continued and I got a nice customer. A young couple with family money. They rent me as their common fuck toy while I play a friend of her during daylight. They are interested in me as a permanent plaything. They talked about renting me two times a month. Well, they obviously liked my shape and honestly I do as well for them. They are in a perfect shape. Sex was awsome.

Moved out

The flat community days are over. Nikki and Nadja both decided that they need more space for themselves and their jobs so we have to move out to provide space for their offices. Well Nikki was well-prepared. She already searched us homes. Cerapho and Leandra got a nice flat for rent from her and I also got one. My appartment is a nice loft in a modern building. I have glass windows from the roof to the floor on every wall which head outside. Very nice. They are black from the other side so nobody could look inside while I have a great panorama. Around my bath I have created a room by using foulards. The kitchen is fantastic. It has one of this kitchen islands ... I love it. Guess what is in the center of the loft: Yes, my bed. Next to is a tv corner and on the other side my dressing area. Between the kitchen and the tv corner I placed my dinner table. Very nice. And very big. I pay the same amount than with my old flat, just that now I am alone, .....and I have a Doorman ;-). I love N…

Talking about escorting

I was asked if I continued escorting. Well, yes .. and no. I was ordered three further times by the first guy I had and one time by the couple i had sex with. Last month I rejected some offers, but this week, to be exact on monday and wednesday I met another guy. He was one of the worst fucks I ever had. But the envelope changed my opinion. Anytime again. And he came again.

So far i did 5 customers, about 9 escorts. I earned an amount of money which is absolutely incredible. As you know, i am not shy about my pussy. I am sorry, I will continue that by pure profit interest.

Hihi, blog<->life<->blog

I posted about my sex list before. Well Cerapho read it, came over and fucked me. Why? I wrote that he is my lover, but unfortunately we had not had sex for quite some time (if you do not count last week). The whole last month I think. It is mainly due to the fact that I appreciate Adam for occasional sex.

When I reconsider last month: I had sex with Adam during my ovolution (thanks god), then with Angelica and ... Cerapho. Three different in one month. Cannot remember when I was last time at that a low count. It is funny. We are currently in a weekend, and I am not event think about picking somebody up. I just look forward to call Angelica (the little girl I am currently in love).

State of my sex life

I got asked whom I currently fuck. Well, there is a nice list:
Friends: Cerapho and Raphael especiallyAdam ... you know why ... the/his sex is bestMichael ... my sugar daddy. Not because of the the sugar but the life he brings me but we have not met that often recently.My new girlOther "opportunities":Escorts I do sometimes (2 per month)Fuck buddy listVanilla OrgGuys from the disco i pickupBut to be honest: As lovers I would only list Cerapho and Adam. I can do them unprotected and they are able to repeat great sex on me. All other guys somehow worn out. This is a serious problem. Most guys are just good for one night, not for more.And an answer to another popular question: Over 150.

Little girl is back

Little girl was here beginning on friday afternoon till this morning. I undressed her the first moment I had her in our apartment and never let hear wear more than a thong. It was one of my thongs. She commited that she only own two thongs because her mother got very angry when she wore her first. We stayed naked for the rest of the weekend till right now when i write this. We had quite good sex, this time she even made me cum.
On saturday morning she asked me if I am a lesbian or if I am bisexual. Well, I told her more. My whole sexual story. And you - as my loyal reader - know that can take its time. In the end I asked her if she want to go steady with me. It was a fast shot after only few hours of sex but I loved the idea. She did not. She was concerned about her boyfriend and if she can stand it if I have sex with a guy. Well, I had a method to check that ;-). I called Cerapho. But I was far naugthier than she expected. He came into our room and she went purple red. She tried to hi…

Cerapho sent me a link ... i have to blog about

Like some of my loyal reader may now, Cerapho has been at the army for military service. Today he sent me the following link:

And added that line

"What have I done wrong during my service"

And he sent me another link for my lesbian heart:

Going out and get more than you want

Yesterday night was ... interesting. As Cerapho is not here right now, Leandra obviously needed sex. She came over to me and asked if we can go out. I was astonished, as she normally does not have sex outside of our little flat. She is very much in Cerapho and I think they will both move out and stay with themselves. Anyway, she was in the mood to fuck somebody else.

So we went out and she soon found a guy and we thought about having a threesome. But then he introduced us to his ex-girlfriend who was alone here except him. Well when I saw her it was clear to me: I have to get her pants down and fuck her. Well I let Leandra her guy and offered to them that I can take "care" of her. Leandra left with the guy and we went in a lounge zone and started to talk.

She is blond, 23 years old, currently is with her second boyfriend, lives in a small town in allgaeu, is an active turner and she has this beautiful bavarian accent I adore that much. Have I mentioned that she is hot? Very ho…

I am getting used to them

Finally, I got used to my piercings. I can control my sexual demands again. It is not the was that I cannot get off by them ... no totally opposite ... better than ever ... but I could walk up some stairs without having troubles afterwards ;-) .... if I want that ;-)

And that is important. I am concentrated for far longer timespans for work .... and I have days without sex ... and that is good. Maybe the reason is that I am pretty busy with my job right now.

Birthday fucks vs. Ovulation

I do not know what's about birthday parties. I usually get drunked and have sex with strangers. My little sister Kathrin got twenty a few days ago. And what have I done on her party: Seduced two of her former classmates to have a threesome with me. On Aron's party in Vienna I had sex with an Austrian, Aron, Jessica, and a girl from Hungary (by the way: I gave my annual party strip to Aron). A few days later on Adam's birthday: Adult variant of spin the bottle. One guy anally and one girl orally. And later a threesome with the girl and Adam. I am literally a party slut.

On the other hand my ovulations are similar: I made an arrangement with Adam that he will be present on the first two days of my ovulations from right after work till midnight. That is just to ensure that I do not do stupid things. And as a minor advantage: When I feel this cock when it penetrates me ... I instantly cum. Adam doing me doggy style: A present of nature to me

Friday night ... alone

Yesterday night I went home alone and was unfucked. I cannot remember when that happened last time. The guys have been just too stupid all-together.

I will call somebody today ... that's the reason fuck-buddies are for.

Suck off cocks

On wednesday I talked with a co-worker of mine - a secretary of the department I work for. We went out for and had some fun in a lounge. We sat in a corner and suddenly we got the topic: Blowjobs. She told me that she gave her new boyfriend the first blowjob in her entirely life (24yo). I once again wonder if I and my environment are perverts. Perverts in sense of an abnormal behavior. As I posted before ... I love blowjobs, I do blowjobs with nearly everyone and everywhere, I swallow and I am experienced, I use them in foreplay and in addition to the fact that it is sexually pleasent to me I use them as rewards. Guys who reject blowjobs - I had one of this stupid perverts - are not an option for me. Sucking of is important to me.

To her this is just a big miracle how somebody could enjoy blowjobs. I adviced her to train herself a bit and do it regularly on the guy. Hope it will work for her.


I have to apologize for not posting that long. I have a job again. Software Engineer at a big company. That does not interest you? Well that is the reason why I post that less. On the other hand, nothing special happened the last weeks. I had two crazy escort jobs. One guy was gay (or bisexual) but has to show his parents that he is hetero. Well, we did our best to scream the hell out of us while having a slow ride in his childhood bed. He was really funny. He was just not interested in my pussy. We had sex but just to make noises with the bed. I wonder myself why he had not asked a friend for that favor. The other guy asked me for a threesome with his wife. That was cool. Both in their fourties and pretty open. They promised to order me again.

Recently I shared lot of time with Leandra and Cerapho. Leandra is currently very bisexual and she adores me. It is funny because within this three-way relationship there is a strange order: Cerapho and Leandra love each other, Cerapho is a guy …

32 first vs. 32 recent

I was asked in my comments if my first 32 guys have been better than the 32 this year? Well, no. In my youth I sucked many guys .. far more than 32. But these guys I did not count. My first 32 guys I had full sexual intercourse with were totally different. I fucked many I still know today and many who I was really interested in. I already did some one night stand then but I was not used to them.

Today is different. I am single, I have a very intensive clitoris piercing and I know what I can do with guys. I lost any inhabition and act like my pussy dictate it. It is far more freedom. And the result is plain sex. Nothing else. I have sex without any strings attached. And that is something I really love right now.

An full sized orgy

On last saturday I participated at a party at a wellness location in austria. Michael took me there. At this place there are not many rules: From the moment you leave your car you have to wear masks and you get naked. Totally naked. And from 9 pm on you just do one thing: Fuck whoever you like. Just do it. There have been about 100 people I think, a normal 50:50 ratio. The amazing thing: The ugly ones have not been the fat ones but the people where you see that they have been operated. Well, unfortunately most of the women. I was laid 12 times by totally stranger guys. 12 times. I will never again have so many guys in one night. Never. Later, Michael and me lay in our private hotel room we just checked our genders. We have been that sore. But we drove home before sunday morning.

Wearing a mask while doing it with a stranger was really cool. It is so easy.

Secret organizations

Well ... you may never heard of them. But there are so many secret organizations regarding sex. I participate in three of them. The Caram'mar is the most open one I am a member of. That's an order and pretty easy to join and leave. Next week I will visit an organization which is a swinger club for the wealthy people. Including a mask ball. I currently imagine it like the thing in Eyes Wide Shot. Join only by money and only as long as you are one of them. But the most recent organization I got into is the "Vanilla". Vanilla is simple. You call your mentor and ask for a date. What you get: Vanilla sex with a perfect guy. The rules are simple: Never tell about it, never say your date your name and never let it become love. Just sex and kissing. I love it. How to become member: Be asked by them. You are asked when you are looking perfect (hhm) for both, males and females. I fucked three guys from them so far. The guy from last sunday and a guy today during his lunchbreak…

Had a real good lay tonight

You remember Aron ... I enjoyed him due to his perfect breast. His perfect body. Well recently the body I enjoyed most was Adam. Not due to his perfect shape but his penis. Tonight I fucked a guy with a normal penis but a perfect shape. I still dream from him.

A MMMF ;-)

A old fuck buddy called me yesterday. We met at a bar and soon enough I met two of his friends. He told them that we had good fun in bed and soon enough they asked me for a foursome. In the beginning they asked me about sucking them all after each other without swallowing the sperm. Having more than one load in my mouth is interesting. Especially you cannot swallow it at once. That was pretty naughty. Unfortunately, naughty is not the term I would describe the sex afterwards. Just vanilla sex. They did not managed to take me in a sandwich nor some other kind of double penetration.

I met a priest

On last Tuesday I met a priest. A young catholic priest. I was in a coffee shop and I was horny. I saw this hot stud and thought: That's mine. But the hell, when I asked him if I can sit to him ... he told me that he is a priest. Well, I sat myself anyway. My comment was: Wow. After that we chatted for two hours. He is a year older than me but he was very wise and intellectual. I was really impressed. As we talked a lot about me being that sex crazy bitch I am but he did not even get red. I was impressed. He was totally cool about it. I asked him why .... and he told me that he had a girlfriend for years before he entered the priest seminar.

We exchanged numbers and I think next week I will meet him again.

Getting paid again

Í did the bad thing again. Pia told me last thursday that her customer I escorted recently was asking for me. Well. I said yes and met him yesterday evening. Four hours date and then half an hour sex. That's all. You pick up a letter with money in it and leave him after breakfast.

The real bad thing: Currently I am pretty comfortable. Not like last time when I was sad all day. This time it is like .. that was fun. No moral attached.

I was fired

I was kicked out of my job. The reason: Unappropriate behavior with customers. Well ... the reason is valid and I am certainly guilty. I have to live with it. Anyway, I played my cards and instantly blamed the reason - the millionaire - for me getting fired. Well, now he is paying my life's costs. Worked well, I think. His only condition: That he can show me around as his lover at some parties and dinners. Well being shown around in expensive dresses ... well ... I can do that ;-).

There is just one nagging thing in this plan: The question if I want to make career in my job or if I want a life as a marriaged woman. This engagement offer from the millionaire I got weeks ago is still open he said. Marriage in with a well-situated man is - I think - the classic dream of every women. And a pretty old dream compared to the career dream.

Found a photo

A found a classicphotoat a commode. A photoofmybackwith a male handwhichisenclosingmyass. Youknowthisgrabwiththeirfingersnexttoyourpussy. Whatshall I say: He hadhishandthereand I lethimonthatphoto. Itisquitepossiblethat i fuckedhimafterwards .... thethingis just: I havenofuckingideawhoistheownerofthathand ;-).

... some got curious

I got some mails how i feel now and if I can add some comments to my last blog. Well, it is better by now. It was not forced so I have to take it. It was stupid of me doing it, but I am human so I am humble. I hopefully will never do it again. I have experienced it and it left such a bad taste, that this topic is done like a bad lover.

Thanks for your mails.

Feeling dirty

I feel pretty bad today. Yesterday I did something for money I usually do for free. It was easy, it was quick and I had no problems with it. At least yesterday. Today at work I felt that dirty that I had to go home. I had quite some times where I got money (see 1, 2 and definately 3) but never explicitely on demand. Last year I thought I would have to try it but I was wrong then. And in addition to these thoughts there was Josephine Link my SecondLife avatar who earns her virtual money with her virtual body whenever she is broke again. Perhaps this game also reduced my reluctance to such a behavior.

You may ask: What is your problem? You did so many? It is not about the stupid act. It is about me having done it. The guy was fun. That is the problem. That it was fun and the fact that if I would not be a high-paid IT professional I properly would have earned my money that way during the study. It is just the moral which keep me away from it.

And if I am honest ... to certain guys I behave…

Unholy events

What shall I say: A biblical tragedy happens. My dear ex boyfriend Raphael (I extra named him after an Archangel here in the blog) was the reason why Adam and Eve (these gorgeous couple with this perfect male) split up. Raphael and Eve announced Adam last weekend, that from now on they are a couple and are no longer willingly to share themselves with others (US!!!!).

Adam was extremely unhappy about it and blame me for it. He is definately right with it but what can I do? They accepted us (Raphael and me) in their (Adam and Eve) bed and we (Adam and me) let the both flirt while we got physical. It took me a lot of time to cool him down towards me.

Currently I am thinking about approaching Adam as my new boyfriend. Unfortunately, sexually he is interesting, but regarding the rest of the life he is pretty boring. Another idea is to search a girlfriend for me and keep him as a fuck buddy.

Josephine in Thougts ;-)

Girl, 27yo

I should make a contact announce:
I am 27 years female, well-endowed, slender and genital pierced. I am in search for a well-equipped young man or woman, which are happy to life with a open-minded, nymphomanic, sex-crazy but definately cheating girl. If you are looking good, sex is included in first date and afterwards. You can sexually test me as long as you want.
Just a joke.

Sex with the ex ....

God build me stupid. The last two weeks I freaked out a bit and had some one night stands, had some booty calls and molested Cerapho and the girls for sex. It was all pretty cool and funny but then I had sex with my recent ex-boyfriend. The best sex for weeks. Do not know how stupid I was that I did not ask him to marry me instead broking up. You have to contract such a talent ;-). I had sex with most of my ex boy- or girlfriends ... but it was never that good.

Stupid girl.

I broke with Raphael

Last weekend I broke up with Raphael. I do not know why he is able to take it that easy but I think he is okay with it. I am not. Remember, I broke up with him. I have cried sunday night till now more or less the whole time either in my heart or with my tears. Typical girl, emotional and totally insane some would say but I cannot help. Anyway, I am ready to write now, so it is getting better.

Why I broke up. No! It is not the sex. It is totally awsome both physical and emotional. He is still the one with the perfect sex and the perfect sex mechanics for me and sex is still fantastic every single time. But what is no longer okay is the romance. There is not a piece of love anymore. We are together because our life style and our sex dictates it and not because we want to share more time with each other. We do not talk about each others life anymore and the reasons why we see each other is mainly due to his ... better ... my sexual drive. Which let me to one simple question: Why do I call…

The piercing … the status

I was asked about the piercing: Well it is in pretty good constitution. I was not that protective to it than I should, as a beach holiday is not exactly the brightest thing with a fresh clit piercing. But it made no trouble at all and looks pretty good. The officially healing phase is nearly over and currently I feel pretty good with it.
Well, and sexually it is the best thing I ever did. Most of the rumors are true. Masturbation now is a matter of one or two minutes. Sex is really awesome despite I have to say, that the triangle is still not bad either on that front. But the interesting thing is not the sex but the daily life: A tight jeans drives you totally crazy. When you have naughty thoughts you can get off by walking. Dancing is extreme. At a crowded club I danced myself an orgasm. It was awesome. On the other hand are skirts and strings a working alternative. It is not that irritate as a jeans only when you go commando then you have a problem again. Naughty thoughts are bad for…

Never trust a job offer in the Caribbean

You remember my last post about this millionaire? What happened on Monday after this remarkable Sunday was surreal. It was early afternoon when I got a call from my boss. He sent me to a business near the Munich city center for an unspecified job. And guess who I met there as my customer: My millionaire. Let us call him Michael. He saved us some time by saying his secretary that we do not want to be disturbed for an hour and then … no surprise … we had sex. He booked me for two weeks and he booked a spot in a resort in the Caribbean. He booked a flight at 18:00. It was about 15:00.
Anyway, a day later I had sex on the beach. It was a really cool spot. It was a private location with an empty 12 kilometer long beach. The resort was a quiet, very exclusive spot where nobody is disturbing you. The other guests of the resort are similar to us in age and look. On this island nobody was ugly or not wealthy. But some had bad manners.
Well I liked it. And I really liked and enjoyed him. He is a …

Meeting a self-made millionaire

We met at the most stupid place I could think of: The McDonald restaurant at Munich’s Stachus. I sat there, eating my 2008 McDonald lunch (one per year ;-)). The restaurant was crowdy so he was forced to sit next to me. I am used to that: Next to me is always the first gap which is filled when filling is necessary. Result of well-shaped tits I can say. After a few minutes he asked me for a tissue and in that second I heard his voice my pussy made a jump. It was like an order from her: Fuck him. It is my most beautiful feeling. I really like it. It is his voice. I opened two further buttons of my blouse before I gave it to him. I could not open my mouth. It was like … I am suddenly shy. I asked him to let me out for the restrooms. Laaaaammmmmeeee. I was so ashamed. When I checked myself in the mirror … I forced myself. I went back to our seats and bent over to my bag and gave him a decent insight into my cleavage. I do not know if he saw my nipples or not, does not matter. I gave him e…

Silvester Party

Mmh. How did you enter the New Year? I did like I should: By an orgasm. We partied in our flat. All flat mates together. We had a nice dinner, played some games (no strip games … ;-)) and during midnight we entered the flat’s roof-deck. It was really funny: When we prepared for the champagne (we had one) Raphael pushed a hand in my trouser and rubbed my sensitive clit ring. I came before, during and after midnight. Very degrading I can tell. After that the lesbians started our own fireworks, Leandra and I got our New Year’s fuck. A good start in the next year of your life.