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I must have been dirsty

A friend of mine told me today that an average male ejaculates between 2 and 6ml of sperm per shot. Never thought about volume. I started some calculating. I have start keeping the sperm with me ... orally swallowed or vaginal ... since i am 13 years old. So when I have sex one time every day in the last 13 years that are 4745 intercourses. My young years have quite a lower rate but my recent boyfriends and lovers quite a higher rate. As my usual intercourse behavior is suck-swallow-ride-ride includes 3 shots that are 14235 male orgasms. As most of my partners I really often fuck, have unprotected sex with me (recently Raphael, Cerapho and Adam) I think only a small amount of ejaculations ... maybe 2 or 3 thousand (;-)) are kept back by a condom. Let us assume I swallow the third ... the 4745 number ... i have drunk 23 liters of pure male sperm. Okay, maybe a bit high, because my sex surely has a bigger share so and not everyone ejaculates the 5ml (on capability and in the second/third shot) I used for calc ... let us think about 5 liters. Still far too much to think about it. I am sure I would puke if I drink more than 100ml. Including the sperm in the condoms and in my pussy we are at 69 (what a magic number) liters of sperm. What a crazy calc for this weekend.


gman said…
not counting the mess this blog of yours has created.. ;)

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