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The orgy

It was good to have an orgy again. It was fucking necessary. I woke up after lunch and after a short breakfast I started preparing for the fest. First I took a long bath and get myself of for the first time. Till six o’clock I got myself washed, cleaned, polished and clothed. Hard enough, but I was able to stay constantly aroused.
Anyway, at six … the party started. We have been 12. There have been Aron, Cerapho, Adam, Raphael and four other guys with condom constraint. On the female side there have been Nikki, Nadja, Leandra and Me. It was a dream ratio. 2:1. Perfect. You just can just stand up and take another one who is ready for flight. There are less rules: No oral, No denials, no unprotected sex with the new guys. They all laid around in our living room. On the couch, near the pool, on a seat or on the floor, everywhere was a man. The couch was a big flesh party. You just had to rise your leg and another penis was in you. I had beautiful 12 intercourses.
There is a funny photo of …

Weekend = Orgy time

I have not you told so far. Leandra, one of my flat mate has started to organize a orgy a month ago. And tomorrow it is the big come together. I am excited. I loved our orgies that much but recently we have not organized any parties any more. Since Aron is gone, that topic is more or less also gone. I do not like that but matter of fact it is that way.

Good thing: It will be a big party with many people. I so much anticapte tomorrow.


Now it is official: I am rated NC-17

Hey guys, funny thing: I found a web page which checks blogs for "conformity" with the MPAA rules. Wow. I am rated NC-17. See for more.

So kids, stay out. Hey, stay out. Leave me alone. Keep distance. No you are not allowed to read that I am sexual active. I said stop reading ;-).

What an bullshit. The tool is based on keywords (should write less about sex but flowers). I think every German and even U.S. news page will be rated NC-17 by that. Anyway. I love the MPAA rating system. A girl walking half naked through the screen: NC-17. A knight killing thousands of Orks: PG-13 but only because there are these sexy elbs. What a bullshit. (Wow i should rethink the word bullshit). Most movies with graphical sex are rated "ab 16" in Germany (above 16 years). A woman running naked through the screen is properly "ab 12".

Personally I would rate my blog "ab 16". For two reasons: It is definitely not suitable for kids -…

Merry Christmas & Best Sex Ever

My present for my dear boyfriend was a clitoris piercing this year. And a three week torture of myself when i have not let anything near my pussy. I have even rarely masturbated. But it was worth it. When he took me it was the best sex ever. I was in delirium when he started licking me. Oh my god. And then when i rode his dick ... oh my god. The triangle from behind the clit, the ring rubbing on him and his cock in me. That was awsome. I hope it stay that way.

Why the ring: Because i loved the idea of being very sensitive down there. I always have been and now it is so much better. The piercer said my clit is perfect for it and some friends talked me into. And then there is the promise of my boyfriend that i got serious jewelery down there. I am not that much in jewelery ... but a little diamant down there ..... mmmmh.

And I orgasmed so often, so unexpected, so intensive and that ... often. It is incredible. Last week i wore one of my ultra-tight jeans. It worked very well. I could easi…


I have ordered all presents and it looks good. Christmas is ready to come ;-).

Some asked me, why I have not posted for three weeks: Mmmh ... I only servce my dear boyfriend oral right now (reason comes soon) and I am further occupied by shopping christmas presents. So no special sex stuff the last weeks.

This weeks sexual rollup

This week was a bit crazy regarding sex. I hat lot and interesting sex.

It started last monday when Adam entered me from behind in the kitchen while I did not know that he was at the flat nor that he is approaching me. I had my daily quicky with Cerapho, then the lengthly fuck with Adam and then a round on Raphael when he came home.
On Tuesday I was taken directly in front and directly after work from Raphael. Nice frame I would say. Later the night we had a foursome with Leandra and Cerapho.
On Wednesday it looked like that nothing happened but at 23:00 I got a SMS that my dear boyfriend brings home two of his friends for a little group action. I had to take rounds on them to get rid of their sperm. It took me till three in the night.
On Thursday just after I left Cerapho I got a call that he organized a suprise partner exchange. It was a quite good action but again it takes me too long into the night. He was 42 and she was 23 but molly ... crazy couple ... but sex was cool with both of …

I must have been dirsty

A friend of mine told me today that an average male ejaculates between 2 and 6ml of sperm per shot. Never thought about volume. I started some calculating. I have start keeping the sperm with me ... orally swallowed or vaginal ... since i am 13 years old. So when I have sex one time every day in the last 13 years that are 4745 intercourses. My young years have quite a lower rate but my recent boyfriends and lovers quite a higher rate. As my usual intercourse behavior is suck-swallow-ride-ride includes 3 shots that are 14235 male orgasms. As most of my partners I really often fuck, have unprotected sex with me (recently Raphael, Cerapho and Adam) I think only a small amount of ejaculations ... maybe 2 or 3 thousand (;-)) are kept back by a condom. Let us assume I swallow the third ... the 4745 number ... i have drunk 23 liters of pure male sperm. Okay, maybe a bit high, because my sex surely has a bigger share so and not everyone ejaculates the 5ml (on capability and in the second/thi…

Reversed Week

This week was kind of others. My dear boyfriend was with me during the week and is gone on the weekend. He has not said much why but I was happy anyway. We had a good time this week. On Thursday we had a partner exchange he organized for me. That was fun. The have been a nice couple. I favored him instead of her (she was a bit molly) and he was quite good in bed matters.
Regarding bed matters. Yesterday, after finishing playing with the computer I went out and was laid by a guy and later by his friend in their common flat. This afternoon I will get another lay. Do not know whom but I have to use my free weekend ;-).

Regarding the last blog entry: I got some mails which claim that this is bullshit etc. You all may be right, but that is what I got. Not more, not less. I could not ensure that the person behind that SL avantar is female or not. That is something I really hate on SecondLife.