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Some girl from SL posted me today a story about what I pushed her into

A few weeks ago I chatted with each other in SecondLife. And I told her about the geeks I work with and how I love being with them (non-sexually). She asked and I committed that I fuck geeks which are not these perfect well-trained sunny guy type (which everyone except I would fuck). Most girl do not even consider these guys ... but they miss half of all guys by that concept. Anyway, she was hardly to be convinced and I told her that she should try if she is open enough ... That is the result I got by mail:
Hello Josephine,
You asked me to post my story, so here it goes.

A couple of weeks ago, i went to the mall after work. I had been working all day, and I felt I needed a good fuck. Since a heard once that geeks can be amazingly good in bed,I posted myself in front of the computer store. I was looking for a really nerdy guy.

A few minutes later, some geek, you know the type : pale, wearing glasses, not the least sence of good fassion,... came out of the store and I decided to follow him.…

What a description for my dilema

I just read a very nice comparence of my problems with my bf and the sex with other guys.
Making love with [her boyfriend] was like a pleasant climb up a familiar hill, where, if she was lucky, she might be rewarded with a lovely sunset. Making love with [another guy] was like being run over by a locomotive. Several times.
And if not my partner has not had this beautiful cock it would exactly describe our problem and I would leave him. But he has his cock and I get my sunsets. Lovely but I prefer the locomotive.

Getting used to it

I was taken today by surprise. I stand there with my ipod in my ears and heard nothing while reading a book on the kitchen table. The first thing I felt was his hands ripping down my pants and the second thing was his dick penetrating me. And it does not even felt uncomfortable. I was not wet, not horny or prepared in any way. My legs were closed like my pussy lips and his monster was quite deep in me. Very rare feeling.

When I reconsider the explaination is easy. I get used to it. Whenever my pants are taken down by somebody my pussy opens quite some bit. It works quite automatically similar to my pussy muscles during sex.

Short Skirts

Lately I often posted about short skirts. I love them. But today I saw an incredible cheap sight. A girl, maybe 19, wore a short flat mini skirt (not a pleated one), then the naked legs, and from the knee down boots. It was a cheap sight. Wearing high boots, wool stockings and a short skirt ... looks cool. But your naked white skin? When you do that, you should wear stillettos. That is the right way. That also has to fit you but it makes things clear: Hey, I wear a short skirt for you, I want you to see my legs which are perfect from top till down, and my shoes are worth some hundreds euros (or look that way ... after all they are boys).

Pantieless Day ... Again

Yesterday I had to keep a promise: Wear a short skirt and no panties. I love short skirts and I love doing it pantyless on stillettos. On the way to work i lifted my skirt twice. I enjoyed it that much. Work was quickly over. I am too used to be bottomless. Anyway. When I went home I found Cerapho, Nikki, and Leandra in front of the TV. Lazy people. I posed in front of the TV (which is pretty difficult. Nikki made too much money recently) and lifted my skirt. And then I asked in the niciest sound i could manage: "Can anybody please fuck me."
It was fun. I fucked Cerapho right between them when they continued to see their stupid series.

The skirt was still on ;-). When Cerapho is not reading this blog currently, i think he has no idea about my piercing.

Post Award

Written by an inspiration: The best reader with the most comments will get an award. The award will be bi-monthly (January, March, May, ...) and will be rewarded by naked picture of mine.

I love it

The triangle is fun. Today I was naked below my skirt. At work. I am pretty used to go commando but with that piercing it is a new thrill right now. It was a good time.

My boyfriend also told me that he will pay me a piercing with a diamant head if i do a clitoris piercing. Love that idea.


What shall I say: It works. I have not had any intercourse during the week ... but yesterday I had sex with Raphael .... OMG. It is really a huge turn-on. It is not like I thought ... like ... hey i have this, it looks cool, it is dirty. It is not a mind thing. It is a thing which is behind your citoris. It is a difference like if you fuck with a small or a big dick. Or like with or without condom. Maybe it is even more.
Anyway, it is a really cool turn-on.


I was at a piercing shop today. Had a really lengthly discussion about a clitoris piercing with that guy. I have heard so many good things recently ... and escpecially got some recommendations from my friends that I seriously think about it. And what the piercer said really kicked me: He is a experienced genital piercer and from the second I showed him my pussy he was excited. I am well suited for a clitoris ring (yeah) and for a triangle. I was not so sure about the triangle piercing ... but he explained me. God .... I need that piercing. From behind the clit !!!! Has to be a fantastic feeling. He made an appointment without even asking me. Tomorrow morning ;-). I asked him for doing it instantly but he denied. He said: I have to think about it. At least a night.

A night.

Doing favors

I do not know why I do this. Pia asked me to join her for another club night. Or better a bar evening. Nothing special happened except that my exhibtionistic parts went through with me. I wore again a little dress but this time there have been consequences. Sure he got some glimpses of my tits but the real fun started as I managed my legs in this deep armchair. In his sweet french he asked if I was naked below. What a fun. I knew so far french from my ex-gf but I let Pia translate. What I did after that surprised him, Pia and even me. I showed him my pussy by uncrossing my legs. And not enough: I kept them uncrossed for a minute just for him and the three other guys who sat behind him. Just for fun I did it a second time when the waitress took another order. Not for her but him again.

The funny thing is: I was not even horny. I was not wet at all (which I am always when I am horny).

My Lingerie rule

Have I ever told you my Lingerie rule? No ... simple: If you are one night stand and you want a second fuck another day: Do not forget some little lingerie for the lady. The guys know my measures and when the string just not fit, there are enough girls in this house. One will fit. Anyway, yesterday night I had this three guys and me party which was organised by an ex-ONS (currently there is nothing better than a new cock ... a feeling which came up from time to time for me). But I do not want to tell you about the sex, but the g-string. It was the fucking smallest g-string I have ever seen. The triangle is that small that just the inner lips and the clit are covered. It is not even long enough to end at the pubis. My clitoral hood is visible. Incredible. I mean ... just strings ... you do not see the fabric from above. But it is a fun slip ... you make two steps and the strings do not cover anything anymore. Anyway, I have so many by now. I had to bind the bras and string compinations…

Pia again

Yesterday late in the evening Pia called me. She asked me to join her for a date with a customer of her. I gulped first but she said, it is volunteerly and I just may check it out. The customer - a wealthy chinese - want to go to a famous Munich club with three or four girls. So she was calling some friends of her for the clubbing part not for the late night action. I said yes.

Friday night. I chatted with Raphael if I can go partying alone and he said yes (he was with Nadja and Nikki in front of the TV).

It was cool. We met at a bar. It was funny. She was alone with him (not ugly looking .. may be 45) when I came. She introduced me of one of her clubbing girls and we chatted a bit. Very polite guy. An hour later we had been four very beautiful girls (oh ... sorry... three and me) and the guy. As he paid everything we have been a real show in this bar. We chatted, we ate, we drank, we laughed about everything I do when I am with my friends. It was pretty normal. Except that we have bee…

A challenge goes wrong ... and an escort

Remember the challenge of sunday. What shall I say: I failed. But I have done something totally insane instead. After the blog entry I showered, shaved, put some slight makeup, and dressed myself for such an event: A little dress, stilletos, and a very small handbag with some condoms and 50 Euros. My plan was: Get into a hotel and pick up a quality geek. Okay, I started and take the subway to my favourite hotel bar in Munich. No geek there. But I did not want to go back into the cold so I planned to drink something. But before I could order, a guy who sat on the bar two seats left on me offered me a drink. Gotscha ;-). I love this bar.
It was late in the night when I left his hotel room. I thought of returning to my apartment but this time I was interrupted. Right in front of me at a door a young couple ... she was obviously not very poor ... where kissing and playing each other while they tried to open the door. I just want to pass them when I got that eye contact to her. It said: &qu…