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A little challenge

I met somebody in SecondLife. And we challenged each other: She does not wear underwear for her real life date and will afterwards get a cock into her. For me the challange is: Fuck a geek in real life.

2 Hours from now ... this will be succeeded.

Friday Night Group

I went out alone last friday. I made quick friendship with three American girls and started to party the night with them. One was an asiatic girl with a round face but great tits, the other was a normal white suburban girl and a high latina girl. She was really hot and I tried to get in her pants. And I succeeded in that ... it was easy ... her hand was below my skirt touching my wet pussy before I could attack her ;-). But right at that moment these two other girls brought a Canadian with them. We danced a bit ... and went to their hotel room.

I cannot tell you anything what happened that night ... I started to fuck the Canadian (i am his first European ;-)) . And then the great licking started .... cannot recall.

In the morning I woke up and shared a shower with that Latina. We both steal us away and I introduced her to Raphael. What a threesome

Sex tape out of house

What shall I say. I am angry. My ex-girlfriend Mariane just informed me that a near half hour sex tape of us both leaked into the internet. Her former fucker (and dad of her born child) has given it to friends for some bucks. And now it is in the internet. Just donwloaded it. It is me.

It is far worsier than the shit with the USB stick recently. There was strong hope that I find it ... but this time ... it is too late. I have informed all sources I found that I insist on removing it ... but I think it is too late.
God damn.

Adam and Eve again

The whole weekend and yesterday night I spent with Adam and Eve. And Raphael. Eve loves him. I do not know what is exactly about him but he is able to impress a girl in seconds. And when he got his first fuck she is lost.And Eve is lost to him. I even talked with Adam about it. She is so heavy interested in him that I think about stopping this whole partner exchange. I mean I crave for his cock but she is pretty insane after being with him. I mean they flirted while i had my time on Adam. They goddamn talked in the living room. When we stood up we found them fucking in the kitchen where he fucked her while she prepared sandwiches for us. I do not complain. When Raphaels or Adams dick is in me I am the happiest girl ever but that is dangerous for her I think.

Sometimes ...

My long-time readers know that I answer booty calls from many people. Some I know better, some I do not. Recently - to be exact on last Wednesday - I accepted one and we met for a blowjob. So he picked me up and I gave him head at the back of his car. He was moaning and saying: Go ahead baby, good, well, fine, blablabla. And then he said something like that:
Baby you are so good but I would be much better if your tongue would be pierced.And he said that in a voice that he is real disappointed and that it is my fault that my tongue is not pierced for his blowjob. While he is may be right that a tongue piercing is giving it some spice I have to say: That is my choice and he should not complain. I mean .. being honest: Is it not enough to get a free blowjob for no reward (Hey a condom bj is sometimes just no fun)?

Anyway, I ended it after this sentence. I got kicked out of the car and had to walk back. Just no fun. Took me half an hour to reach a suburban train. Not for myself: Kick him ou…